Friday, October 19, 2007

You Cannot Have Anderson Cooper's Babies

This doesn't have much to do with the movies other than that a new CNN special "Planets in Peril" was billing itself as a film (really?) for a press screening at the CMJ Music and Film Festival. I was there to write about it for Zoom-In but I didn't want to flame out over at the other gig with the mandatory gay lust for Anderson Cooper or his new (?) biceps. Still, I thought you might enjoy this tiny tidbit from the Q & A.

The "movie" has a segment about the unnaturally high chemical count we've all got in our bloodstream these days and Cooper plays willing guinea pig. They run a bunch of tests and the doctors tell him that he's in the 95th percentile for one type of chemical that can cause infertility. Turns out that particular chemical is in the makeup he wears daily for TV.

Anderson Cooper @ the IFC Center in Manhattan. The silver fox superstar does not actually
have triplet brothers --I just combined the only three good shots I got

In the Q & A afterwards:

Concerned woman: 'What will you do about the makeup?'
Anderson: [all relaxed, amiable] 'Oh you mean my low sperm count?'
A Voice From the Crowd: 'You don't need it!'

Can you blame me for thinking they were referencing his baby-making skill? Anderson, chuckling, brought the subject back to television and Hi-Def cameras insuring us that he did, in fact, need it. [editors note: make up... not the ability to procreate. pay attention]


Anonymous said...

I just saw Things Lost in the Fire, and I have to ask, Isn't it a little premature to have removed Halle Berry and, especially, Benicio Del Toro from contention completely? The movie isn't exactly getting horrible reviews and even the detractors seem to like the performances. It's obvious that their chances have been dampened, but at this point, of all the movies that have been released, they seem to be viable contenders.

- Adam

Colin said...

Truly snerk-worthy. Were the rumours about Cooper ever confirmed?

Anonymous said...

washgton post yesterday(10/19), in their review, said halle was brilliant.

Anonymous said...

colin that depends on what you mean by rumors and confirmation...

Anonymous said...

How offensive of this "voice in the crowd". A gay man can have children with a woman, ever thought of that ? Where was this guy on "The next best thing" opening night ? Gee..

Anonymous said...

I doubt if the "voice" ruffled Anderson's feathers, he's probably ready for anything, even with someone throwing the "rumors" in his face.


well to be fair I think the voice in the crowd (it was actually a womans) was referring to the makeup!

i just reinterpreted it in my head because I was still thinking about the sperm count.

I thought it was a funny exchange and Anderson was pretty relaxed and fun for the whole Q & A

another moment:

Q: what was the most humbling thing about this trip

Anderson: 'arriving in a village where they didn't know who I was...' --he then said he was joking.

Anonymous said...

Anderson's got a great sense of humor, very wry. I would've loved to have attended this Q&A.

lawyer tony fernando said...

honestly, that cover story with him and Jodie was horrible, I mean I remember whe n I was at 5th grade and somebody outed my best friend and everybody started to avoid him, myself included, than I went to him and apologized and many did the same. It�s like going back to that, I don�t know about the guy�s life, but I really respecy him to aoid the convesation and not denying it or confirm, cause it�s his life not ours.

lawyer tony fernando said...

I really respect him for avoid that conversation, and also not denying it or confirming, cause in the end it´s the guys´life not ours