Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Test your "NathanielQ"

How long have you been visiting The Film Experience? Consider yourself an expert on film or the proprietor of this site? Ready to prove it?

While he’s off working on personal matters, I thought it would be fun to test everyone’s movie-related “NathanielQ.”

1. Nathaniel hails from:

a. Kansas
b. A closed-door meeting between Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins and Natalie Wood. They were discussing a West Side Story sequel, but astutely realized Nat would bring more joy to the world
c. Michigan
d. A random thought that Julianne Moore had on a bright spring day during her childhood

2. Actressexuality is:

a. A tendency to sleep with actresses
b. Considered an addiction
c. A mild skin condition that can be cleared up with calamine lotion
d. Someone with a female actress preference

3. Nathaniel's favorite movie of all time is:

a. Moulin Rouge!
b. West Side Story
c. Shrek
d. Belle du Jour

4. “She who must not be named” is:

a. The villain from “Harry Potter”
b. Renee Zellweger
c. Hilary Swank
d. Too terrible to mention here

5. Nathaniel is sometimes mistaken for:

a. Lance Bass
b. Channing Tatum
c. Anthony Michael Hall
d. K-Fed

Extra Credit:

Nathaniel is given the opportunity to interview and have dinner with Michelle Pfieffer, Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore. He'll have plenty of time to chat and ask questions, but there's a catch: Beforehand he must spend 3 months on a deserted island with no movies except either the Hilary Swank or Renee Zellweger collection.

What would he do?
What would you do?


lawyer tony fernando said...

well, let me see! i hope I�m not that wrong!
Answers:1-d, 2-d, 3-b (I�m not 1--% about that!), 4-b (I can�t believe not only she, but the 8th plague are mentioned, too scary to halloween), 5-b (You wish bitch -ha ha ha ha. I wish too!)
Well I really think you would take the dinner with the Actresses, I would too, althought Rennee did White Oliander, so we�d have MPfeiffer, ha ha ha. Well there�s also Cate Blanchett and Al Pacino in Skank�s movies so we would survive, although tthere�s a big chance that u�d return from the island as a straight man (I know more schocking than Locke) Have a great Halloween. Do you have by any chance a Catwoman suit? Do you?

Anonymous said...

1. C (?)

2. both B and D

3. B

4. both B and D

5. A ?

Extra Credit:
This one's easy. He'd do it. Remember, there was a point in time where he liked Renee (brief as it was), so I'm sure he could keep himself occupied with a little Nurse Betty for quality time with The Three.

Cinesnatch said...

1. C 2. D. 3. A (B?) 4. B 5. B

Extra. Renee, because she has more watchable films in her cannon and you don't have to watch them all. For me, Renee. "Jerry Maguire" and "Bridget Jones" rock. And, well, I love "Cold Mountain." But, let's agree to disagree on that last one. And oh yeah, "White Oleander."

Michael Parsons said...

1 = C
2 = D
3 = B
4 = B
5 = B

Bonus = Renee. there was a time he really liked her, so he could easily choose from her early works

adam k. said...

1. C
2. B (since actressexuality is the affliction, not the afflicted, D is technically wrong)
3. B
4. B
5. B (people seem to think this is the answer, but I didn't realize Nat was mistaken for any of these people)

Extra credit is obviously the Renée collection, cause he could just replay Jerry Maguire, One True Thing, Bridget Jones, White Oleander and Chicago.

Whereas with Hilary, he'd just have to watch Boys Don't Cry repeatedly, which doesn't sound terribly pleasant.

adam k. said...

Oh yeah, that's not even including Nurse Betty and Down With Love.

There are plenty of highly watchable watchable films in Renee's ouvre.

Anonymous said...

- Okay, I get the Zellweger abhorrence. I once loved her too but now she’s just… not that great.

But can someone please explain to me the ORIGIN of Nat’s Hilary Swank loathing?????

- I know he loved her in “Boys Don’t Cry”, and while I myself don’t worship her apart from that film, I really don’t get why Nat is so anti-Swank. Can someone please illuminate me???????

Kurtis O said...

I detest Hilary Swank as well. I'm not sure about Nat's reasoning, but mine stems from the fact that no matter how hard she tries, she's just not classy, Hollywood actress material. I wouldn't call her Oscars flukes (I actually loved her in both "Boys" and "Baby"), I just feel she was lucky to have been given the baity-est roles of both years (sorry, Annette). Also, her range doesn't spread much further than playing believable, poor white trash; because not long ago, that's precisely what she was. And if you think about what her best perf. was aside from those 2 films, I'd say it's in Raimi's "The Gift", in which she plays what? Yep, poor white trash. In any of her other films where she tries to play anything but, I just don't believe her for a second. She's Tinseltown's equivalent of Britney Spears.
*Oh, and I'm fairly new to TFE, I only knew the Actressexual and Zellwegger answers...

adam k. said...

Nat turned on Hilary as soon as she started winning things for M$B, and then when she won the oscar, it snowballed into all-out loathing. That's when she became Beezlebub, etc. It's the fact that she won TWO oscars, and in the process deprived Annette, Kate, Imelda, etc. even one.

And then her oscar speech was atrocious. It's true, she's just not classy. And she seems kinda self-important beneath all the "I'm just a girl from a trailer park" faux-humble posturing. Methinks she's insecure cause she knows she's not worthy.

But anyway. That's my take on it. It's just frustrating that some are some overrewarded and others so undervalued. But that is the way of things.

Glenn Dunks said...

1. c
2. d
3. b
4. b
5. a or c

No offence to Nat, but you'd have to be blind to confuse him with Channing Tatum. They don't look anything alike. K-Fed is obviously a no. I was gonna say a because I guess there is a similarity there but then Anthony Michael Hall was such a random name to throw in there.

6. You'd do the desert island thing with Renee Zellweger movies. I wouldn't (I love those three ladies but being stuck on a desert island for three months is - quite frankly - not worth it)


Susan was worried i was gonna be mad but i laughed my ass off when I read this because it is so so wrong (especially the eeeeevil extra credit)

I will say that Glenn is right. Much to my eternal frustration and envy I don't look anything like muscley/ yummy Channing Tatum (aside from the sometimes shaved head)

lawyer tony fernando said...

yeah Nat, but do you have the catwoman suit or not? Tha´t´s killing me!

SusanP said...

Sorry to neglect my guest blogger duties by not even posting the answers... been busy since I started a new job yesterday.

In any case, the correct answers were:

1. C (though I'd like to think it was "B")
2. Both B and D
3. B
4. B
5. A

I don't know for sure about the extra credit, but Zellweger seems like the more likely torture, of most of you have suggested.

Good job!