Tuesday, October 23, 2007

20:07 (Two Kinds of People)

screenshots from the 20th minute and 7th second of a movie
I can't guarantee the same results at home (different players/timing) I use a VLC

"I’m glad you come to me. As far as Paddy Ryan is concerned there’s only two kinds of people: right and wrong. And I think you’re right."


Poli said...

Re: Into the Woods

I imagine it hasn't been moviefied because so many of the songs in it are sung directly to the audience. Most of the current musicals-to-movies have either modified the sung-to-the-audience numbers or cut them out completely, but that isn't even remotely possible with Into the Woods

Brian Darr said...

I should see this one again. It was the first pre-code Wellman film I ever watched, and its outsized reputation made it harder to appreciate than the unheralded films that sneak up on you like Night Nurse, Safe in Hell and Heroes For Sale. With my expectations lowered, this one might have a chance to sneak up on me too.