Sunday, October 07, 2007

Montgomery Clift is Coming... this blog and several fine others in just 10 days. The Clift Blog-a-Thon, headquartered right here (details if you missed the announcement), arrives on October 17th. If you're planning to join us with your own post, tribute, article, or whatnot...or, if just want to help spread the word, feel free to use any of these images for branding, advertisement or other purposes. Monty Clift... mmmm 50s Hollywood... yes. Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Is it sacriligious (or somesuch thing) to say that I prefer the architecture of his face after the accident - the accidental beauty of the age and "disfigurement" to the purer, Grecian beauty of his youth?

There is something tragic in his sadness, in his failure to comes to terms with his life and the lessons he might have taken from it. He might have become such an astonishing figure of acceptance and wisdom, but that was not to be it seems.

I really don't know much about Clift to be honest but I'm looking forward to this blog-a-thon to enlighten me on the subject.


Trevor Messersmith said...

rock on - can't wait to see what you have to say about Monty.

RJ said...

Yeah...that's the picture I used! For obvious reasons

Anonymous said...

BTW, Nathaniel - I don't know who the skull-faced woman to the far left of your banner is, but she's starting to freak me out. The undead will do that to me, I guess.

(Still awaiting your take on MATW -and trying not to come off as a nagging, bitchy wife if you know what I mean...although, did you take out the garbage yet?)



sorry. under the weather today.

the far left is Kerry Washington making a funny face

J.D. said...

I thought that was Halle Berry.

For whatever reason.

"Why would Halle Berry be on his banner?" I asked myself.

And apparently she wasn't.


Zinquirilla said...


Os invito al blog: