Sunday, October 28, 2007

Actress Psychic (Updates)

For those who joined that early bird Actress Psychic Oscar Contest --updated point totals here... October was very quiet for this category aside from Ellen Page's growing buzz (no points unless we figure out a way to quantify "buzz") and Blanchett's Elizabeth stumble --she still might get nominated though. TFE reader Victor S retakes the lead with two Bens (JT & W) and Vincent S coming on strong

points since last update
+2 Opened in theaters and passed $6 million mark:
Blanchett (Elizabeth the Golden Age), Witherspoon (Rendition)
+1 films opened Berry (Things We Lost...), Harden (Rails and Ties)
+1 In the Valley of Elah finally crossed that $6 million mark for Susan Sarandon and Charlize Theron --can you believe how much that film flopped?

+ 1 Cate Blanchett (for I'm Not There only) made the cover of the NY Times Style Magazine Bob Dylan
+1 Marion Cotillard (La Vie En Rose) also played NY covergirl

[Best Actress Predix -next Oscar chart updated on 11/04]


Anonymous said...

Hmm ... I love psychics.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I'm inching up... to 11 points. But at least none of my candidates have been knocked out yet, even if some are looking shaky! Have to be hoping for last one standing at this point.

Problem is picks like Christie and Cotillard aren't the type to get covers in EW and the like. Still, always fun to chart these monthly updates. Whatta great contest!


i am totally open to suggestions about how to improve it... i do realize it's way leaned toward the 20something starlets or the 30something superstars... but i would need something quantifiable

Anonymous said...

have you ever thought about incorporating a straight-up google search, maybe including the title and the actress, and maybe including relevant superlatives (e.g. "amazing," "surprising")?

also, i think there are search sites where you limit it to blogs. could be a bitch to implement, but could be interesting.

Glenn Dunks said...

Ooh, maybe a point score based on metacritic/rotten tomatoes scores. Like above 90% equals 5 points, between 75% and 90% equals 4 and so on...?

I dunno. I'm sleepy.

Unknown said...

16. *celebrates*

Anonymous said...

I do not see any problem at all with the system you have set up now. Unless you massively overweight the early buzz, the stuff that matters (top tens, guilds, and, of course, the nominations themselves) are, by their nature, heavily they should be. Do y'all also open your Christmas presents at Thanksgiving, too? The big points will still decide the winner in this thing, while the EW covers, et al, keep people like me interested until then.

Come on, folks...enjoy the delayed gratification!