Saturday, October 27, 2007

Links: The I Hate Men Edition

Zoom In -Holiday Preview: my quick rundown of the movies headed our way. Tis the season
Awards Daily -mmm glossy FYC ads (Tis the season...again)
Hollywood Elsewhere -the fall failure glut
Just Jared -Natalie Portman gets Scholastic
Cinevistaramascope -looks back at Alien: Resurrection (fun post and '97 was on the brain after the Boogie Nights poll)
<--- MMM -the new Harold & Kumar teaser poster. High-larious. I'm so glad NPH has a career. Why are teaser posters always better than the real thing? Discuss
EW -no gay studio films after Brokeback. Why?
New Now Next -greatest soundtracks?
Everything I Know I Learned From Musicals hates on Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein (the Broadway version)

Straight Men Suck
Zap2It Maxim's unsexiest women. I worry about straight men. They don't do themselves any favors. This list basically states: women must not have big personalities or individual style. Apparently only vacant generic bimbos will do (Does Frank TJ Mackey edit that mag?)

Gay Men Suck

Out 100 has to go and honor Perez Hilton. I worry about gay men. They don't do themselves any favors. Way to promote the unflattering stereotype: shallow, catty, misogynistic. How is that "provocative"? Seems like reinforcement of the status quo to me.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, i thought the whole point of OUT was to show that gay is as normal as straight. That guy is not normal.

Alex F. said...

I've got to agree with you on PH. For someone who's all about outing celebs so they can be good role models for young gays, he sure is squandering his opportunity for that. The irony makes me insane.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they just have an OUT 50 this past summer? (The one w/Jodie and Anderson). I stopped reading that magazine long time ago, but they seem to be embarrassing themselves.

Anonymous said...

That Maxim article may be the most vile thing I've seen in days. How dare these women not present themselves purely for male visual pleasure? I mean, if Sandra Oh isn't willing to at least get a boob job, she belongs on the list, right?

Sigh. I know I shouldn't take Maxim, or any other lads magazine, seriously, but I hate the fact that plenty of people will read this and completely agree with it. The comments on the article confirm that.

Anonymous said...

While I don't entirely get all of the SJP love, I certainly don't think she is hollywood's unsexiest, (Paris, anyone? ) and Madonna?!?! She DEFINES sexy.

DL said...

I agree - the Maxim article makes me want to puke. Madonna is one of the sexiest women to have ever lived. Just because her sexuality is all about pleasing herself, and not about pleasing the moronic jerk-offs who read Maxim magazine, doesn't mean she doesn't ooze sexiness.

I can just picture the editors of the magazine sitting down to discuss the piece. "Sandra Oh, Amy Winehouse and SJP are all talented, powerful and headstrong women - which is totally against the rules of humankind. So, of course, let's just demean them and the world will go back to normal again. Men rule. Oh, and the first two are minorities so there's even more reason to get people to hate them."

*rolls eye*

Anonymous said...

Straight men suck

Gay men suck

Bi men RULE !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go bi guys! Whoo!

Marius said...

Oh, Marlon, I've dated many bisexual men. And I respectfully disagree with your statement. Bi men also suck!

Glenn Dunks said...

I agree with Marius. Bi guys are double the trouble of straight and gay men.

Anonymous said...

Well Marius, that's because you haven't dated me !
As far as I'm concerned, no one's ever asked for their money back, to quote Nola Rice in Match Point.

Kamikaze camel
Some are worth the trouble.

c.p. iñor said...

I think Amy Winehouse is HOT!

Madonna and Sandra are sexy!

Britney still have something...

SJP... I agree, I don't find her sexy... maybe in Hocus Pocus but that's all.

Anonymous said...

Straight men suck
Gay men suck
Bi men suck
People suck!


it's so true.

i hate everyone

darwin said...

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