Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sidney Lumet on Marisa Tomei

From an interview in Time Out New York to promote Before the Devil Knows You're Dead:
First of all, Marisa arrives full-blown from the head of Zeus; she’s ready to work. Totally. She’s so secure she’s able to help with the others.

Like with the opening sex scene with Philip. I rarely use sex as a big dramatic device. Here I thought it was critical because you have to understand right away that this is what drives him. But I don’t think Philip has ever conceived of himself in the nude fucking onscreen. It’s just not something that comes his way. So when we started blocking, Marisa hopped up on the bed, got on her hands and knees, slapped her ass and said, “Come on Philly, let’s go!” I could kiss her. Because if Philip had any inhibitions, they were gone.
I've been thinking about her performance as "Gina" a lot since I saw the film and I'm anxious to hear your opinions once you see it. (related post on Marisa in BTDKYD)


Anonymous said...

I really don't get the Tomei-hate. My Cousin Vinny wasn't exactly super deluxe cinema but I thought she was great in it. And she did turn in an oscar-worthy performance in In the Bedroom!

damian said...

I am obsessed with Marissa Tomei! She is totally underused and under-appreciated!

Anonymous said...

i think she should've won 2001 even over my 2nd place kate winslet in iris,i think she was that good,she did not deserve the ocar in 92 but i can see why she was picked her role stood out like a sore thumb plus being the only american in the line up helped ask helen hunt..

Barry said...

Could she be a contender for a Film Bitch nomination? After that blurb from Sidney Lumet, I really want to see the movie now. The movie sounds oddly interesting

She should've won the Oscar for In the Bedroom

Andy Scott said...

I agree with you that the screenplay was more interested in her body than her voice but I felt her performance totally elevated the material. To me, her presence was captivating well beyond the fact that she was topless half the time.

But I'm a little biased. I'm a huge Marisa Tomei fan.


true. but the topless is just a plus since she's a terrific actress ;)

i like her a lot too. i always think she's good...even in throwaway movies like The Guru or Untamed Heart or Alfie