Friday, October 19, 2007

Where the Wild Links Are

Big Screen Little Screen has been doing a fine job keeping up with Spike Jonze's adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are
Observations on Film Art "Cronenberg's violent reversals"
Oscar and the City people are starting to agree with my September predicted Best Actress lineup. It looks so "right" right?
MTV Movies Blog the trailer for Kimberly Peirce's long awaited Stop Loss

Nicks Flick Picks
offers up a stunning perceptive review of Michael Clayton
And Your Little Blog Too "Hooked on Beauty" fun homemade video of classic Hollywood lovelies. Speaking of...
Just Jared Boss Black brings in the babes. Sample orgasmitastic pic:


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Buzz Sugar on Pushing Daisies. It's holding up amazingly well episode to episode (I agree)
NY Mag Julianne Moore is reading to Upper West Side kiddies from her new children's book next week. Damn. The only friends I had with a (borrowable) child in the right age range moved out of town last year. Something about wanting to raise their darling in a more kid friendly town? Parents are so selfish! [/sarcasm]
And Your Point Is... "History of Religion" -5000 Years in 90 Seconds
Yes But No But Yes "Pulp Pop Up" --so cool
ASCAP Great interview with Stephen Sondheim [thx]


Jason Adams said...

Yay, I'm happy you're digging Pushing Daisies too, Nat! Being a non-theater-goer I don't know a lot about Miss Chenoweth, but she's HYSTERICAL. That whole "Hopelessly Devoted To You" number last week! Love it. Ahem.

Also, my true purpose for commenting yet again today - LOVE the banner.

Cinesnatch said...

They were posing, right? RIGHT?!

PIPER said...

As far as that photo goes, I'll have the lot.

Anonymous said...

For Fuck's sake, Julianne Moore is nearly 47 and she looks better than any one else in the room. She is stunning ! Can't wait for Savage Grace and Blindness !

Kamila said...

I totally agree with you, lurkanboy. Julianne Moore looks AMAZING. So as Kate Winslet.


JA -kristen chenowith is the bomb. she makes everything work onstage no matter how clunky the comedy or how bad the song --she sells it. TONY decisions to the contrary aside she was the best thing about WICKED on broadway by a country mile. Her original "let yourself go" showtunes CD is awesome and no one can top her "glitter and be gay" aria from Candide... no one. er, um, yes. well: I just geeked out but she should be a HUGE f'in star. Or at least as huge a star as, say, Bernadette Peters was in the late 70s/early 80s.

as for the Hopelessly Devoted to You number and the episode that housed it... that was the single funniest episode of anything I've seen in years. I only pray they let give her another number before season 1 is through. BETTER YET: give ELLE GREENE (!!!) a number. that voice: gah!

piper I'm not even sure what I'd do with them if i had the lot but, yes, what u said

vince bien sur but let's imagine it's entirely candid so that we can be even more in awe.

Jason Adams said...

ELLE GREENE! How did I not mention her??? Little Shop of Horrors is the only movie-musical (as usual I don't know the stage version; Seymour will always be weak-voiced Rick Moranis to me) that you'll ever get me to go all crazy show-tuney over. I WORSHIPPED Greene as Audrey when I was a little kid. I have "Suddenly Seymour" and "Somewhere That's Green" on my iPod to this day and know them both by heart. Just the fact that they hired her for this show adds so much in its favor. But they've totally gotta get her singing soon. I read somewhere there are more musical numbers in the future... NOT TO MENTION PAUL REUBENS IS COMING.

Seriously. LOVE THIS SHOW. If my obnoxious all-caps-rambling didn't get that across.

J.D. said...

re Pushing Daisies: We need more people screaming with glee in caps, damn it! LOVE IT. :)


and by ELLE GREEN we mean ELLEN GREENE of course. ;)

John P. said...

You know, I had my doubts about the Where the Wild Things Are project, but that screencap looks pretty damn spot on.

Anonymous said...

Julianne does look faboo. Know she has 'Bindness' on tap, but wish she still planned to do 'I Was Amelia Earhart,' which I hear Hilary Swank is now attached to star in. What a great book.