Monday, July 13, 2009

14 Links (I Started and Couldn't Stop)

Gawker Harry Potter pr strategy: well behaved role model stars
TransGriot excerpts from Kerry Washington interviews. She's on the circuit for her transsexual role in Life is Hot in Cracktown.
SLatIFR 'The Kings of Cinematic Schlong' ...and yes Ewan McGregor is accounted for
Cinematical a certain heiress is being sued for not promoting a movie that paid her a cool million. Serves the filmmakers right, really. Roles in movies are meant to be played by actresses.
Old Hollywood a classic quippy moment with Shelley Winters, also known as Shirley
JoBlo first still for Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Playlist
is tired of Henry Cavill missing out on every A-List role he's been considered for (The Green Lantern being the latest). They have a point. He does look like this...

I Need My Fix yet another product endorsement for Scarlett Johansson. You know, I wouldn't be at all surprised if she retires at 30 to raise children with her gazillions of dollars
In Contention yet another Oscar contender from within An Education? I'm feeling good about predicting it in several places since April I am. But this is the first I'm hearing about supporting actress. Probably should add Rosamund Pike to the list.
Risky Business
doesn't get where Entourage is going with their latest fake movie, The Great Gatsby directed by Martin Scorsese.

off cinema
Getty Images Cat Island! Somebody book me a ticket
Towleroad has a great lengthy interview with military hero Daniel Choi (he's one of the guys being kicked out because Obama is so fond of inaction on "Don't Ask Don't Tell")
Movie|Line looks at the new contestants on Project Runway. This show has been gone so long that I almost don't care. Which is really weird for me.

Fin de Cinema shares a list of the 'Best films of the 90s' from the Criterion Forum. It's somewhat bizarre. On first glance it skews difficult, hipster, art film, cinephile with Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man and Wong Kar Wai's Chungking Express up top.

But if this is the type of films they're going for why the hell is [safe] not in the top ten? It's better than either of those. Beau Travail's low ranking #63 -- on an art film list no less -- is also completely unacceptable (though I count that as a 2000 film since that's when it arrived in both France and America after 1999 festival showings)


Derreck said...

Is it sad that my heart raced at seeing the link "The Kings of Cinematic Schlong"?

With Henry Cavill, maybe he can use the Jessica Biel/Scarlett Johansson/sexy actress excuse of losing roles for being too attractive?

john said...

Henry Cavill does n't need to do a superhero franchise in my book, though he does have that comic book perfectness about him. And Scarlett Johnasson should just quit acting and become a celebrity endorser. She drives me mad.

Terris said...

I'd add:

New Julie&Julia clip and television spot!

Anonymous said...

I love Kerry Washington so much!!! I hope she will win the Oscar Academy, understand? you shall nominate this pretty lady soon!!!


ps: actually the role in LIHIC seems baity, but maybe the film is too bleak and offbeat to be appreciated during the awards season...pity!!!

Agustin said...

I haven't seen [safe] yet so I can't really know if it deserves to be on top 10 (The only way to see it down here is to download it, I'll watch it some day)
But all in all, it's a great list.
I was really glad there was place for Jackie Brown, which is frequently overshadowed by the I-believe-not-Tarantino's-best Pulp Fiction, and the tiny movie everyone forgot it existed The Long Day Closes
If you haven't seen it check it out.. it's somewhere on the internet.. It hasn't been edited
Oh and i would have liked to see Ji a Zhang Ke's Pickpocket in it

Deborah said...

Dead Man? Seriously?

Hate that movie.

reassurance said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure I put Beau travail at the top of my poorly thought-out contribution to the list. And that still didn't help it break the top 50. What gives?

Carol said...

Good to know!

adri said...

Re the "woo, who's THAT?" of The Tudor's Henry Cavill, I'm glad to see him playing Theseus in a greek god movie by Tarsem ("The Fall"). I'm going to run to see that one, while I probably won't see Green Lantern at all. I'd like to see him in parts a lot more interesting than the ones he missed out on.

JoFo said...

I feel the need to contribute to this new buzz surrounding Rosmund Pike, as I have luckily already seen the brilliant film that is 'An Education'.

Shes hilarious, does everything that is required of her and is one of the best actors in the film (even over Sarsgaard). But her role is in no way Oscar friendly. She doesn't have enough to do, is far too funny and is somewhat the "comic relief". If she gets nominated, I'll be more than surprised.


but the academy isn't opposed to comic relief in the supporting categories provided that the movie is dramatic.

i haven't seen it yet :( so i'm just playing devil's advocate.

1minutefilmreview said...

Thanks for sharing the links!

Christine said...

Re: Fin de Cinema
The ranking of Heat in the top 100 of the 90s enrages me. I've never understood how that gets such high reviews. It's shot well, but there are many, many things wrong with that movie, including:

1) I'm not really clear on police procedure, but I'm pretty sure that police can't open fire or engage in dangerous car chases in the middle of crowded city streets.
2) Al Pacino's general hammy-ness makes him seem like a psycho but no one ever treats him like one, or they do but in the wrong places.
3) Every guy in the film has a strangely much younger and much prettier girlfriends and nobody comments on it or thinks it's weird.
4) Robert De Niro beats up Henry Rollins without even getting winded.

I actually really like Michael Mann most of the time, but I just can't see the appeal of this movie. As for the rest of the list, I think it's a lot better than many top 100s.

Anonymous said...

Henry Cavill is beyond good looking. I could stare at him all day. And would then kill myself. Why didn't god make ME as beautiful? Aaarrgghhhh.

JoFo said...

The movie isn't dramatic. It's actually quite lightweght, which could hinder it. I'm predicting it confidently for a Best Picture nominee now that its been stretched to ten but probably wouldnt if it was reduced to the 5.

At the end of the day its a witty, clever, superbly acted... but still a coming of age story.

Anonymous said...

God, Henry Cavill is HOT.