Wednesday, July 08, 2009


First and Last: Here's the first image after the opening credits and the last before the end credits roll.

Can you name the movie?

[highlight for the answer] the musical biopic DE-LOVELY starring Kevin Kline.


Derreck said...

By squinting like crazy in the last pic and at the hairstyles, i'm guessing De-Lovely.

Never saw it, but those two people look like Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd..

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

it is De-Lovely



derreck you are correct
jimson really good first guess actually ! also period glam romance

Deborah said...

I finally knew one. Too late.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to love De-Lovely but hated it.

TRad said...

This is the first one I've known as well.

I actually love this movie. The scene where he sings to her at the piano kills me every time.

Anonymous said...

I was just browsing and I randomly guessed De-Lovely... To bad others got it before me.