Monday, August 31, 2009

August. It's a Wrap.

I do these wrap posts for me (indexing!) but I hope you find them useful yourself, should your internet have failed you for a day or five each month. You're reading EVERY WORD TYPED, right? ...Hello? Here are some highlights from the month that was.

Top 10 Pregnancies Trudy Kockenlocker, Juno, (Citizen) Ruth and more...
Cooking with Nathaniel as Katey talks Julie & Julia.
Mad Men @ the Movies a new series with 60s flair: Gidget, Exodus, movie stars
John Hughes (RIP) The Breakfast Club and other treasures
"Bye Bye Birdie" on the brain and at my fingertips

Carey Mulligan sometimes one word describes a performance
Inglourious Basterds Review Tarantino's movies are so fun to write and talk about. But I wish I could have taken this one through a few drafts
My 25 Favorite Actors (subject to change)
Come Join the Party Madonna and Movies
Kate vs. Joan Winslet risks the wrath of Crawford's ghost for Mildred Pierce

Coming in September...
Who knows? How's that for an incentive to stick around. Born salesman right here.


Iron Knight said...

Hey Nate, where are your oscar predictions? Are you still doing them?

john said...

Just read that Madonna intends to direct a musical biopic of Wallis Simpson with the intention of trying to get...Cate Blanchett!

Ryan said...

just thought I'd say your "Where My Heart Lies: My Favorite Actors. And Yours?" post was a genuine highlight of the month. ugh, not to mention those smoldering b&w collages...