Friday, August 14, 2009

Splendor in the Link

OH. MY. GOD. A Natalie Wood Retro right here in NYC next week. Wheeeee. I'm bouncing up and down in my chair as I type. (I'll fix the resultant typos later).

If you've never seen Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice you'd be insane to miss it. "Oh, Insight!" I'd also suggest catching Inside Daisy Clover because it's a) really weird and b) all about Hollywood and c) they totally nominated the wrong supporting actress from it for the Oscar.

There's also the opportunity to see Rebel Without a Cause, Gypsy, This Property is Condemned or West Side Story on the big screen if you haven't. I have so I'll be trying to catch the ones I haven't laid eyes on yet: Tomorrow is Forever (1946) with Claudette Colbert, the controversial hard to find Kings Go Forth (1958) with Frank Sinatra and Peeper (1975) with Michael Caine. Why can't this series last longer than a week. Where will I find the time that my Natalie deserves?

Culture Monster Martin Scorsese fights to save LACMA's film series. Scorsese is so kick ass. If only all successful Hollywood types would care so much about the history of the artform that's brought them all their lucre.
Everything I Know... you've heard about the train wreck production of Broadway's Spider-Man musical, right? It looks like Evan Rachel Wood's schedule just freed up.
Vanity Fair Online Mad Men's costume designer. I'm in love...

Just Jared Sarah Michelle Gellar and her mom in Santa Monica. Doesn't it seem like Buffy has been pregnant for 3 years now? When is that thing due?
I Need My Fix the oft-delicious Nia Long (Gospel Hill, Alfie) gets naked for PeTA. In this day and age though, you really can't get away with this much photoshopping on a major advertisement. You could make this ad at home with rudimentary adobe skills, it's so pieced together. (sigh)
The Fug Girls 'on the other hand'... Rachel McAdams
Some Came Running Glenn Kenny scolds Tarantino's scolders, loves Inglourious Basterds.

Finally... Are you going to reserve tickets to the 16 minute preview of James Cameron's Avatar? Tickets will be available sometime on Monday for screenings on Friday at the official site. Unusual marketing ploy, that: Get a ticket to come to the theater for a superdupercalifragilistic trailer really. Be sufficiently wowed to do it all over again with a larger time commitment on December 18th when the extravaganza opens 4realz.

Will it work?

Cameron has never missed at the box office but there's a first time for everything. On the other hand, why doubt? People were predicting disaster for Titanic for almost its entire pre-release existence and look what happened there.


Rick said...

Actually, Nathaniel,NAtalie Wood is my Natalie. I have adored her since I was 13 years old .. and I am somewhat older than you... But because you have such wonderful taste ( Meryl being my other love ) ... I will be happy to share NAtalie with you!!!

Love With the Proper Stranger, Splendor in the Grass and This Property is Condemned are my favorite performances of hers.

Andrew K. said...

I was not a fan of Kings Go Forth. Why aren't they showing Splendor in the Grass?


Rick... I have loved Natalie since I was like 9 years old (television airings of west side story, mind) !!! MINE.

ok i'll share.

in fact i love to share Natalie because people don't talk about her enough (including me)


encore -- good question.

also exciting news about this series. there are GUESTS at some of the showing. Dyan Cannon and Elliott Gould are coming to BOB & CAROL...

MARNI freaking NIXON is coming to West Side Story.

and Ms. Mulligan (who is GREAT in Inside Daisy Clover) is coming to that one.

Anonymous said...

The Abyss wasn't exactly a world beater...


it broke $100 million which in the 80s meant "big hit"

Glenn said...

I'm going to this "Avatar Day" thing. We arrive at 4.30 and we'll be outta there by 5.30. Feels so strange, but I got a special invite from the Aussie PR crew so why not! I did feel a bit chuffed.

That Nia Long PETA (ugh) poster is atrocious. Ridiculous, even. Where is her belly button? Why do her legs have halos? Why did they infer that she is a stripper? Her breasts must sit at very strange angles. How many diseases is her hoo-hah gonna get from being so close to a subway pole? Why are PETA so annoying?

Actually, I can answer that last one quite easily.

Anonymous said...

Where to get tickets please?


anon -- do you mean avatar or natalie wood?

either way the links to the ticketing sites are provided in the post.

Anonymous said...

Nat - what do you give Natalie wins and nominations for?

Janice said...

No "Love with the Proper Stranger"? That was quite controversial in it's day, wasn't it?

I love Natalie Wood. I was a little 'un when she died - the first time I cried when a celebrity died.