Friday, September 04, 2009

Links, Episode #1,214

Daily Telegraph OHMYGOD. Did Russell Crowe finally get a sense of humor about himself? [hat tip to Sheriff George]
Mind of a Suspicious Kind "an image" in honor of Daniel Day Lewis
The Post-Game Show one of the best pieces I've read on the Disney buying Marvel deal
Risky Biz will Jason Reitman go three-for-three with Up in the Air?
The Cut thinks the Project Runway spinoff is awful. My take: It could use work but it's not without its moments
Urlesque claims that 09/09/09 will be "a day without cats" on the internet. If this catches on I'll just have to go offline in protest!
ioncinema first look beautiful pictures of Julianne Moore and Colin Firth in A Single Man

Nick's Flick Picks a 2009 Progress Report. Big props for The Hurt Locker and Julia among others
A Blog Next Door Nic and Eva: twin terrors and floating heads
Bright Lights is ruining my desire to stop thinking of Inglourious Basterds with this "anima & animus" article
Tractor Facts "Ghana is the New Poland" (on movie posters)

Madge Madness!
Movies Kick Ass TFE contributor Jose on Madonna's new video "Celebration"
Boy Culture how adorable! Madonna gets her kids Rocco and Lola onstage and dancing at her concert in Tel Aviv. Lola even knows the "Give it 2 Me" choreography. Rocco's dad is a filmmaker, Lourdes's dad is an actor and their mom is a global icon. Think these two will be performers when they grow up? Maybe Lourdes is the next Liza Minnelli? Not that there'll ever be another Liza Minnelli but you know what I mean...


Seeking Amy said...

Ya know, i'm starting to think that maybe 'A Single Man' will surprise everyone due to its relatively under the radar status. It would be certainly very interesting if a Tom Ford film would be the one to finally give Julianne and Colin proper awards recognition!

Anonymous said...

I hate to be snarky, but isn't Jason Reitman only 1 for 2? While I adore Juno, even with its faults, Thank You For Smoking's bad is about equal to its good. Some funny, sharp comedic moments, solid casting, quite dull in the last 30 minutes.

City_Of_Lights said...

Thank you for the gorgeous photo! Colin Firth is channeling a bit of Ewan MacGregor! Julianne looks smashing!

greg said...

Julianne Moore has 3 films in Toronto :

A Single Man
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (got good ink for this one)
Chloe (there's a review on TIFF site)

I think it's safe to say that La Moore is back

Victor S said...

Maybe the 3 films in one season is what Julianne needs to get the "It's time" momentum that Kate Winslet got last season.
GIVE THIS WOMAN HER OSCAR!!! I don't even care anymore if she is any good as long as she wins.

Andrew K. said...

Colin is indeed channeling Ewan. I thought it was him before I read. And brianmaru beat me to the punch...kind of. I don't like Juno and think that Thank You For Smoking was the better of the too. I'm not really looking forward to this...not a Clooney fan...but we'll see.

Ms.Berkowitz said...

Honestly, I don't like George clooney. I think he's an okay actor and I don't find him attractive, definitly not ugly, but not sexy. I still hope the movie does good but im not really excited to go see it. Personally, I thought "Juno" was better than "thank you for smoking". "TYFS" wasn't really that funny and the whole father son relationship bored me but I like the idea it brought that you can argue your way out of any situation even if your wrong.
Anyway, GO JULIANNE MOORE! I'm excited for her.

ZiZo said...

I was in the Madonna Tel Aviv Concert, amazing ^^

Anonymous said...

I loved Isherwood's book and I hope that the screenplay does it justice. They haven't even released a trailer for it yet or a movie poster. Can't wait to hear the buzz about it from Venice and Toronto...I hope this is a winner for Colin...he deserves it and Julianne as well.