Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Curio: Artist Yu Ling (a.k.a. Lucy Liu)

Alexa here. Apart from her role in the late series "Dirty Sexy Money," we haven't seen much of Lucy Liu in a while. Then, earlier this month, a painting signed with the name "Yu Ling" was included in the Bloomsbury Auctions 20th Century Art and Editions sale. According to its description the painting, titled "Forever Goodbye," was also signed with the name Lucy Liu. At an estimated value of $25,000 – $30,000, it remains unsold.

Yes, Yu Ling is actress Lucy Liu's alter ego, a painter, photographer and mixed media artist. She's slipped her work into the 2009 Armory Show as Yu Ling so that it would be judged on artistic merit (and maybe so that it be viewed as the work of an undiscovered Chinese artist). But she's also sold her work under her given name to garner attention and support UNICEF with the proceeds.

Lucy has said her pieces are inspired by China, in particular Hong Kong. Pleasant and inoffensive, they also appear to owe much to Neo-Expressionism. Here's a sampling.

Stephanie Reading, 28 x 48, oil on glass

Diplopia, 72 x 84, graphite on paper

Roxy, 74 x 88, mixed media

Sherry, 20 x 24, oil on canvas


Michael said...

She just finished up 'God of Carnage' on Broadway. I love her in 'Chicago'!


She was very funny in the second act of God of Carnage once her character starting losing control.

I think more actors should take up artistic pursuits. Lord knows they hae a lot of time inbetween projects and whatnot

Hayden said...



since she keeps doing female nudes i am imagining other B list actressing posing for all of these.

洪七公 said...

FYI, "Yu Ling" is her given name - her given Chinese name. Her full Chinese name is 劉玉玲, which is pronounced Liu Yuling in Mandarin. The surname comes first in a Chinese name.