Monday, September 20, 2010

Flashback: Maggie Cheung and... Sigourney Weaver?

A very happy birthday to the incomparable and elusive Maggie Cheung who turns 46 today. We haven't seen her mysterious mojo onscreen in about six years -- since Clean and 2046 hit and she announced that unfortunate retirement -- but she did do a cameo earlier this year in the Chinese film Hot Summer Days (pictured left), an all star ensemble romance about a heatwave.

Here in this ancient clip from the Golden Horse Awards, you can see Maggie winning one of her four Golden Horse Best Actress awards for Comrades a Love Story (1996) aka Tian Mi Mi... good flick - rent it. And who is presenting this award but Sigourney Weaver herself! It's an Ang Lee connection since Sigweavie was doing The Ice Storm round about that time. They switch to English about a minute into the clip.

Leslie Cheung (RIP) is also in the clip. *sniffle*


方忠偉 said...

OMG! Tian Mi Mi!!!

The film was NO.1 on my all time favourite Maggie Cheung’s movies.

A lots of memories flash back when re-watch this live-clip.*_*

Mirko said...

never watched this clip before, so thank you very much

I miss Maggie a lot! I hope Ang Lee or Wong Kar-wai achieves somedays in the mission: impossible to bring her back on a film set for her real role, not just a cameo

Agustin said...

Am I crazy or are all the nominees sitting together???

Matt said...

No disrespect to Miss Cheung, but I must switch topics.

Have you seen the new promotional poster for Love & Other Drugs? Because I'm pretty sure I died, went to heaven, and this is the image that is greeting me: words. Though i must say it's not making me take the film very seriously or imagine that it's going to be an awards contender of any sort....but I can't complain that the film's existence means the existence of that image. Yesplease.

Burning Reels said...

Cute clip and featuring three favorites (Sigourney, Maggie and Leslie) - Happy Together breaks my heart.

Kokolo said...

Sigourney <3
That's all that matters here :P


Matt -- if that's the image i think it is (jake horizontal, slipping the undies off?) -- i can't get it to load right now -- which is making the rounds right now, it's a photoshop fake. They wouldn't give the goods away like that even if it was real.

Now back to Sigourney & Maggie! ;)

Matt said...


Well, Sig Weavy and Maggie are a perfectly fine consolation. And fake or not, the photo is a keeper. :)