Friday, December 03, 2010

Daryl Hannah is 50.

I've always had a thing for mermaids. I can't truly remember if it preceded Daryl Hannah or if she caused it but in my movie addled brain I have come to blame her. I remember our first magical meeting vividly: I was fully clothed, she was naked.

Was it the allure of the fantastical?

Was it the iamcurious shock of nudity in a family movie? (The 80s. Different times.)

Was it that guileless smile?

Was it the childlike innocence?

Was it the crimped hair?

It was surely all of these things and more but I never fell out of love. Happy 50th birthday Daryl Hannah!

"Don't worry. I don't do
anything too intense."

Thank you, Ms. Hannah, but especially for...
  1. Elle Driver 
  2. Pris 
  3. Madison
  4. searching for that actress with the best of 'em.
  5. Roxanne 
  6. Skipper 
  7. "the ability to do good hair."

The industry hasn't always treated you kindly (where was that Golden Globe Comedy nod for Splash? Or, better yet, an Oscar nod for Kill Bill, Vol. 2) but you've treated the world well. Filmmakers haven't always known what to do with you but you've found all sorts of wonderful things to do with yourself offscreen.

Carry on!


Tom said...

I can't believe it. And she's still smokin hot

Unknown said...

Thank You Ms. Hannah for Annelle Dupuy Desoto

AmaliaPorAmor said...

Gosh! I can't believe she's 50 either! I still remember watching Splash on a tiny tv in my bedroom on a Friday night... I was even wearing earrings and I was just a kid back then lol

She and John Kennedy Jr made a lovely couple.

Sean said...

I will aways love her for 1)Splash and 2) Kill Bill.

I too have a thing for mermaids, and I think she's responsible.

James T said...

I made it! I'm exactly half the age of Daryl!

Not half as successfull but what to do...

Unknown said...

The best thing about Daryl is that, even though she was mythically gorgeous in her youth, she didn't take the easy way out and turned herself into an actress with more heft and meat (and longevity) than I think anybody would have expected. Brava, Ms. Hannah. Gotta love a bitch named Daryl.

Paolo said...

Fact! Lucy Liu's birthday was a few days ago. Not an astrology geek, but I wonder how many of the Kill Bill cast are/were Sagittarius, and why they kick ass.


James T -- does that mean it was your birthday???

James T said...

It does ;)


you have the same birthday as Julianne Moore and Daryl Hannah. Lucky you! happy belated.

adri said...

I remember seeing "Splash", and being the only person disappointed when Tom Hanks got the girl. I wanted his brother (John Candy) to go live with the mermaid Madison because I liked him better. He was funnier, nicer, and more appreciative. I don't remember why I thought this. Maybe it's part of my inexplicable preference for the "character actor" over the "star".

James T said...

Thank you :)

I know! They make me look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Where does the time go? I gotta admit it...I've been smitten with Daryl ever since "Splash." Thanks Daryl for all the times you've made my heart skip a beat.