Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Red Carpet Lineup: Swan Break

The New York premiere of Black Swan was held last night at the Ziegfeld which is the theater for premiere's here in Manhattan. I have so many fond memories of the place. All the stars were in attendance including Darren Aronofsky, Vincent Cassell and Barbara Hershey. Plus the deliciously dark rival ballerinas Mila, Natalie and Noni.

I think it goes without saying but I'll say it: Winona Ryder is still one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Those eyes. That coloring. Gah.

Why Noni is wearing a tux we can't be sure but we love that she did. Why Aronofsky refuses to shave that Flynn mustache we can't be sure but we wish he would. Why Natalie is carrying around Nabokov's Lolita* we... wait, what?

There's got to be a story there. I hope it does not involve obsessive fans of The Professional.

*Okay, it's apparently a clutch by Olympia Le Tan  - thx Dom - fashioned as a replica of the literary classic. The replica costs only $1,321.00 more than the real thing. But can the real thing hold your lipstick, keys and money?

Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman


pomme said...

it was a Black & White party?

Liz said...

Agree about the mustache. Hate. So. Much.

It's awesome that this will be in DC on this weekend. Definitely worth the train ride! And I'm thinking about doing a back-to-back with "White Material," but back-to-backs make me nervous. Hmm, must consider...

Dominique said...

It's not a book, it's a clutch by Olympia Le Tan made to look like one :)

(Or so I read online about an hour ago...)

Anonymous said...

Winona = Lizzy Caplan?
Am I the only one?

Kunis is perfection. Watching 70's Show, I always thought she was just cute. Now she's a vixen. She was very, very good in Black Swan.

And Natalie is looking, rather, voluptuous. It's nice to see both girls looking healthy again. She is unforgettable in the film, and I'm glad she's back on scene.

Jason Adams said...

I was thinking that Natalie looked as you put it anon "voluptuous" but then I realized that she was just SO INSANELY SKINNY in the film that five more healthy pounds on her are making a huge difference.

And hear hear Nat on how gorgeous Winona is. I love seeing her out and about and I love having her in a new movie and I just want more of it, dammit. (Just not of the Vince Vaughn comedy sort, please.)

Anonymous said...

Portman is already as slight as she is, and in the scene in the bathroom, you can see how painfully thin she was during filming.

Nat, when are you going to post a full review?

Michaela Zanello said...

Perhaps the 'stache was for Movember? It's December now though, so Mr. Aronofsky should make a date with his razor asap!

Saw "Black Swan" at a screening in Boston...highly intriguing. I couldn't help but laugh at the over the topness of a few parts though. But all in all, definitely worth a watch!

Alex Constantin said...

that's not a book, that's a... purse, or however you call it, similar to the cover of a book. I mean... would it have black pages?! :P

or did you write that rhetorically... hmmm.

Lara said...

Before reading the article and only looking at the first picture I thought, wow, Winona is the prettiest here (which says something since the other two are not exactly ugly ducklings). And then you mentioned how beautiful you find her as well. Ha.

I have to wait till Black Swan travels across the pond.

As for the Lizzy Caplan comparison (had to google her and then remembered her from True Blood) I don't think Winona and her look anything alike. Caplan and Zooey Deschanel however are dead ringers.

jahs34 said...

Winona might be the prettiest, but Mila is pure sex in that picture.

Iggy said...

Saw this post with the pictures and ran to see what imaginary dialogue the Fug Girls had made for the Winona-Natalie picture, but alas, they didn't write one. :(

Unknown said...

Let's put it this way - Noni managed to dress up in the Amish funeral garb of Victor/Victoria, replete with a matronly prairie woman's sleeping chignon, stand next to Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, and somehow manage to still stand out for beauty. Brava, Winona. May your porcelain visage live eternally on the silver screen of my soul.

/3rtfu11 said...

I like his mustache – it’s kinky.

I love that Mila Kunis is Meg Griffin. The constant abuse her animated counterpart suffers is a little easier to endure knowing the voice over actress is the best looking personality working for Seth MacFarlane.