Friday, June 09, 2006

Scary. Call Your Senators.

Jill of Brilliant at Breakfast is also guest blogging on ModFab this week and has a very scary must-read post on the future of the Internet thanks to Rethuglicans (seriously how do any of them sleep at night? I guess big money works as well as Ambien) and Democrat Sellouts. READ IT.

I sometimes wish I followed politics more closely but the truth is whenever I start to bone up I feel like vomiting. Whenever I do get caught up on whats-going-on, I am suddenly Fisher clan crazy (Six Feet Under reference. Hey, it's on my mind) like Claire (Lauren Ambrose) or Sarah (Patty Clarkson) on one of their hair flying unhinged people-frightening political rants.


Anonymous said...

The link to ModFab doesn't work, which is slightly annoying as I was browsing around the site for anything good



About:Blank said...

Regardless as to what you label them, politicians have become so out of touch with their constituents and reality that it is just plain SAD.