Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fun Oscar Quiz

Over at MSNBC courtesy of Erik Lundegaard. I scored 87%. Can you beat that? Let us know how you did in the comments.


Adam said...

Thanks for taking our quiz. You answered 53% of the questions correctly.


1. Correct
2. WRONG (That's embarrassing on the part of the Academy...)
3. Correct
4. WRONG (Could have sworn Howard was nominated for "Apollo 13." I guess not.)
5. Correct
6. Correct
7. WRONG (Was. Not. Thinking.)
8. WRONG (I though "Milk" had a wider release.)
9. WRONG (Total guess.)
10. Correct
11. Correct
12. WRONG (And the film has disappeared into the mists of the past...)
13. Correct
14. WRONG (Grr... this one is obvious in retrospect.)
15. Correct


ZiZo said...


Missed 11 and 12

Jim T said...

53% And I was lucky! I would answer correvtly that music video question as well but I wanted it to be true!!!

Jim T said...

Nate and ZiZo, I guess you took best director?


HA! Meryl as...

Anonymous said...

93%. I missed the Langella question.

Jesper.L said...

I got 73%

Anonymous said...

93% - I missed the Frank Langella question, too. *spoiler for those that didn't take the quiz* - Being a big HeMan fan, I knew that he was Skeletor.


KD said...

67% Not bad.

Barry, Milwaukee said...

87% for me. I missed the Frank Langella question and the one about LOTR:ROTK.

Michael C. said...

I've got a trivia question for everyone but I don't know the answer. I was wondering if someone could fill me in.

Has any film before Doubt received four acting nominations without being a Best Picture nominee?

Yonatan יונתן said...

I scored 87%.
I missed on the Frank Langella question and "best picture nominees in more than 1,000 theaters". I don't live in the US, so I forgive myself.

Alex in Movieland said...

87% too.
the one with Langella and the one with the 1,000 theaters (which I find kind of irelevant for the quiz).

russ said...

80%. Not too bad

jahs34 said...

67% I thought for sure that Howard was nominated for Apollo 13, so i said he and Daldry have 3, since Howard has more movies he probably have another nom i missed.

Peter Chan said...

that one was a little harsh.... 73%.

Pablete said...

Could Stephen Daldry be named Best Director of 2008 by Oscar? He truly deserves his three nominations. If Danny Boyle and David Fincher are very close in the race, it could very well happen.

I see this:

1. Danny Boyle: Best-Picture winner's director
2. David Fincher: highest artistic achievement, movie-spanning-different-era's director (George Stevens - "Giant", 1956)
3. Stephen Daldry: subtle, "water-color like", extraordinary storyteller ("She liked to be read to", and "we liked that you told us that story"?)

Fox said...

Nathaniel... thanks for that Asia Argento pic up top! I now want that tattooed on my arm. What a complicated cutie she is.

Anonymous said...

Michael C.: My Man Godfrey, I Rememeber Mama and Othello got four acting nods and no BP. Peyton Place received five. Are there more?

Got 13/15. Only missed the Langella and theatre count question

Anonymous said...

87%. Missed Langella and # of BPs in 1000 or more theatres.

I won Best Actor (I'd rather win Best Director)!


John T said...

I got 100%...I spend WAY too much time studying awards season.

Aaron said...

Thanks for taking our quiz. You answered 80% of the questions correctly.

Not bad considering I haven't seen a single nominee this year!

1. Correct
2. A. “Batman” (the first Michael Keaton one) is not correct.
3. Correct
4. Correct
5. Correct
6. Correct
7. Correct
8. D. Two is not correct.
The correct answer is E: One
9. Correct
10. Correct
11. B. Zorro is not correct.
The correct answer is A: “Jack the Ripper”
12. Correct
13. Correct
14. Correct
15. Correct

ZiZo said...

@Yonatan יונתן

I live in the same country as you do and I knew that answer :P

Notluke said...

I am Best Actor/Actress with 80%, missing 5, 7 and 8. I should have known 7 but I read it too quickly and confused LOTR instalments -- but then again, I got the music video one by dumb luck, so it evens out.

And I would never in my life guess 2 if I hadn't remembered Nat's post on this very topic.

Derek said...

I got 93%. I missed the one about Best Picture nominees being seen in 1000+ theaters... I thought Benjamin, Milk, and Slumdog all had been. Oops!

Tim said...

87%, missed the Langella and music video questions.

Looking over everyone else's results, it is plain that we are not a community of rabid Frank Langella fans.



i actually thought i was going to get the Frank Langella question right... since i knew about some of those roles. but somehow i missed it still.

Anonymous said...

I scored 73%

I missed: 1, 5, 8, 11

It was fun...


Robert said...


Missed the one about Anne's Age when Meryl last won because I misread it and thought they were asking for Meryl's age.

Also no excuse that I missed the one about the most nominated director. I completely forgot that Daldry was nominated this year and kept looking past him at Howard and Van Sant and thinking "but they've each only been nominated once... this question is faulty!"

Katey said...

53%... totally forgot about Queen Latifah in Chicago, and couldn't believe Richard Gere would have gotten a nomination. Also who knew Ron Howard only got a Best Director nod for Beautiful Mind?

Will said...


Jon said...

I don't mean to brag, but 93%:


PPO-10 said...

87%. Missed #1 and #7. Kinda pissed about both of them, especially #1.

jimmy said...

67% - a D for jimmy. how f'ing humiliating.

Bing147 said...

I got 80%.

I missed 2, I knew it was either Forever or Returns, I guessed Returns...

7 I foolishly guessed Shakespeare in Love, I read it too quick and only saw LOTR and I know the first one got that many...

And ya, I missed Langella. I knew he was in Masters of the Universe and he'd done Dracula, between the other 2, I took a guess and was off.

Carl said...

Rats. 60%.

And I thought I knew something about the Oscars.

The Z said...

Aced it...

Garen said...


Traditionally that means F.

But it JUST makes it for fresh on Rottentomatoes. And that's all that matter really.

Ben said...

67%- I was a little disappointed in myself. Didn't know enough about Langella and the superhero movies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking our quiz. You answered 73% of the questions correctly.
Hey, that’s pretty good! You’ve won the Oscar for best writing, screenplay based on material previously produced or published.

1,7,8,11 incorrect.
I let my mehness toward the incredibles get the best of me. So overhyped when i saw it. Maybe a rewatch is in store?

Ryan said...

I scored 87% as well... missing the Langella and wide-release qustions. Grrrr.

But I would have missed the Hathaway one too had I not read Nathaniel's Best Actress Oscar statistics post-nominations. :)

par3182 said...


Deborah said...


1. Correct
3. Correct
4. Correct
5. Correct
6. Correct
10. WRONG (I was on the edge between this and the right answer)
11. WRONG (Skeletor? Seriously? That wacky guy.)
12. Correct
13. Correct
14. Correct
15. Correct

Eduardo Ferrer said...

93% correctly!!!

"Great! Here’s an Oscar for best actor/actress. Try not to thank your lawyer."

My only mistake was in question 8 (I though 2 films: Button & Milk)

Colin said...

100%. So many of the answers, I only know because I read Nathaniel's blog.

1. I recall it was nommed for animated pic and screenplay, and got a few more tech nods.
2. Nathaniel mentioned the escalating Batman nods before, when he first predicted TDK for Best Pic!
3. If Michelle Pfeiffer couldn't get a nomination, no one else could.
4. I guessed this because of his three-for-three, and I know Boyle and Fincher were previously unliked by the Academy, and I didn't believe either of the other two had four.
5. Nearly got this wrong, but remembered that Flags got residual noms from the Letters buzz.
6. Ha! Given the frontrunners for Director and Adapted Screenplay...
7. Elijah Wood on Jay Leno: "Clean sweep, folks!"
8. Okay, this one I knew from my Box Office Mojo newsletter.
9. Sophie's Choice came out in 1982, and Anne's under 30.
10. I just rewatched Chicago.
11. Total guess.
12. StinkyLulu's Smackdown.
13. Nate: "He's a Kate Winslet himself."
14. Ha!
15. I saw "The Queen" and went with prestige costume drama.

Anonymous said...

I scored 60% and I don't feel i did well :(

Walter L. Hollmann said...


i did not know that ROTK only received 11. and it's mind-boggling that Batman Forever got sound nominations.

Jake Mooney said...


Though I got it right, I disagree that "The Other Boleyn Girl" is not acclaimed. There's some lovers out there, somewhere, right?

Jake Mooney said...


Though I got it right, I disagree that "The Other Boleyn Girl" is not acclaimed. There's some lovers out there, somewhere, right?

Glenn said...

93%. The only one I got wrong was the Frank Langella one.

Michael said...

93% correct.

"Great! Here’s an Oscar for best actor/actress. Try not to thank your lawyer."


I just had no. 11 wrong. I had NO idea that SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Langella was Skeletor!!! END SPOILER END SPOILER END SPOILER

No. 2 and 8 were kind of guesses that I thought I knew (and did) but no. 14 was 100% a guess.

Erik L. said...

Thanks everyone for taking the quiz. Apologies for the Frank Langella question. http://eriklundegaard.com/index.php?itemid=348

YH said...


I missed the question about which "Batman" film had scored the most nominations pre-"The Dark Knight". I clicked on "Batman Returns" without giving it a second thought, b/c I thought that they might have been uneasy to reward the first "Batman", I remembered "Batman Begins" only getting a few tech nods, and really, that awful "Batman Forever"? And sure enough, that's the answer. Way to go, Academy! But yeah, that was a great quiz, and surprisingly challenging.

Sean said...

I got an 80% missing numbers 1, 11, and 15.

Anonymous said...

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