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Globe Tidbits

tuesday top ten ~ For the list lover in you and the list maker in me

The corporate sites have already dissected this (They have whole staffs for speed and analysis. I just have coffee and OCD) but I like a day or two to let it all seep in anyway.

10 Random Belated Thoughts on the Golden Globes

10 Kate Winslet's first win
Category Fraud aside (The Reader is about her character, Hanna Schmitz), is there anyone who wasn't thrilled to finally see Kate Winslet win a major film prize as Best Supporting Actress? Anyone besides Penélope Cruz possibly (oh, that's mean. Another Almodovar film is coming out soon -- hang tight). Regarding The Reader: Who chose the film clips for this event? The clip from her holocaust film -- basically shots of its controversial sex scenes was a really strange choice. Not because it was too racy for TV but because it doesn't read at all out of context.

09 Everyone loves The Lovely Laura Linney
Early in the evening, while those roaming camera interstitials were preparing us for commercials, gorgeous It Girl Anne Hathaway's face lit up with joy as she made a beeline for someone she saw. Turned out it was Linney. My face also lights up with joy when I spot her, doesn't yours? It's as if the glow off of those apple pie cheeks actually releases airborn endorphins. (Guilty confession: I still have not watched John Adams. It sits near my television, haunting me with its supersized running time. I'm allergic to long)

Awards Shows exist outside the Space/Time Continuum
It's just a theory I'm working on.

'Tonight they're going to party like it's Nineteen Ninety ----- Four?'

07 Slumdog Sweep / Swept Under the Rug?
I don't understand the mass love for this movie. Particularly I remain bewildered that it's winning Screenplay prizes. Isn't the joy (what joy there is in the movie) all about the locales, the energy of the filmmaking, the color? Also: what happened to the Co-Director Loveleen Tandan? If someone could point me to a good article on why she is never nominated whilst the movie is nominated for dozens of directorial prizes, I'd like to read said article. It's possible I just missed something. But this situation is awfully familiar. City of God, another colorful "exotic" critical smash in the US also had a female co-director who was never mentioned once the awards started piling up.

06 Bruce Springsteen's delight
...was also mine. Who knew I'd get such joy from a Clint Eastwood related moment? Bruce was thrilled to be in the same category as him. I hope Bruce wins the Oscar, too. I can't get enough of Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler or The Boss's "The Wrestler" for that matter.

05 My God, but I missed the Globes last year!
I spent the entire evening with a huge grin on my face. Oscar season is not the same without the Globes. I love that they'll give awards to people like Sally Hawkins and Colin Farrel, both of whom are highly unlikely to imagine as Oscar winners (Deserves got nothing to do with it), and there's interplay between the stage and the audience (Emma Thompson "coaching" Sally Hawkins through her speech. Only here) and it's still disreputable enough to include off color coke jokes and obscene hand gestures

04 Mickey's Rourke's Acceptance Speech
It felt as honest as his Wrestler performance. A tribute to a young agent who risked his career to represent him when he was down and out. A tribute to his dead dogs (sniffle). Oscar nomination ballots are already in but this speech and its reception (standing ovation) ought to help his Oscar campaign. I still believe that Sean Penn will win the Oscar for his amazing performance as Milk, but Rourke might be a stronger competitor than previously imagined.

03 Angelina hates critics but loves the Hollywood Foreign Press ?
I'm just guessing. Remember how severe she came off at the BFCA Awards when Hathaway won Best Actress... but then there was this lovely girlish warmth at the Globes as Slumdog Millionaire won its millionth prize. Later a big smile, rather than a stony death stare, for Kate Winslet who'd actually forgotten her name. Maybe she just hates Anne Hathaway?

Oh relax. I'm kidding. There's this strange notion flying around the web that I don't love Angelina Jolie. This is preposterous. I've been on Team Jolie forever. So, here's to Angelina! She's not always my favorite actress but when it comes to celebrity... [cue music] "nobody >currently< does it better. makes me feel sad for the rest. nobody does it half as good as her. baby you're the best"

02 Reaction Shots are Manna From Heaven
They just are. Stars that don't show are stingy. They're depriving us of the civilian's right and joy: to project often inappropriate, highly speculative and dramatic emotions onto their passive visages.

01 Kate Winslet's Second Win
Double trouble. She's not the only actress to be a double winner @ the Globes but she's the youngest. But then, isn't Kate the youngest everything in terms of, well, everything. When you're tied with Marlon Brando for youngest actor to amass five Oscar nominations you're already a winner in every conceivable way a moviegoer or actor might define "winner". This is a blessed life we're talking about.

That's why the backlash has already started. The first win people seemed overjoyed for her. But the second? Notice how angry people are getting across the internets re: her "desperation" and "greed". While it's conceivable mathematically that she repeats this twinner at the Oscars in a month or so, I pray that she doesn't. Not because I think the The Reader situations screams Category Fraud (which often supports "greedy" claims) but because I can't imagine the size of the backlash if she were to be a double winner at 33. Jodie Foster had two Oscars by the age of 30 but she didn't win them both in one night. Forget everything Kate has contributed to the cinema. If she pulls it off I predict that people will not want to see her for a good long while afterwards, and that includes Oscar voters. But that does not include me. Kate is always welcome in my cinema. I'm not ready for her to "peak" or to head off into semi-retirement at 34, you know?


gabrieloak said...

I doubt if Kate will win two Oscars. I will just be thrilled if she just wins one.

I was very happy to see her win two awards at the Globes, though, because she gave two memorable performances this year. I think her April will be more appreciated even a year from now away from the hype of the awards season.

And I think audiences are appreciating The Reader more than the critics.

I do agree they showed a bizarre clip from The Reader. Why didn't they just show the trailer?

RC said...

interesting thought on the winslet backlash...i have thought that an Oscar win could mean that she get's lesser roles and is no longer taking seriously...

her non-winning might just be working for her.

NicksFlickPicks said...

(( Just a note for later: you'll remember, Nathaniel, that two years ago, after Little Children, I admitted to you I was getting a little bit tired of her performances and wanting her to take some time off. If I reiterate this thought later, I want it recorded that this all preceded the possible "backlash." Nothing against the woman. Not riding a trend. Totally happy for her evident happiness the other night. Just concerned that she hasn't surprised me in a while, and given how young she is, it's no surprise that there's a lot of stuff she's still working on with her acting. ))

Chris Na Taraja said...

I'm surprised that Kate won in both categories. Especially with the women of Doubt all giving powerhouse performances.

I'm glad to see her win, but not twice. it is overkill. But I certainly don't blame her for being damn good. it has nothing to do with her greed, unless she's practicing Voodoo. She deserves the recognition.

Do we hate Streep for all her wins. NO

RC, do you think that she would become Cuba Gooding Jr if she won an oscar? or Holly Berry, or Nicole Kidman, or Rene Z....I see your point.

Cluster Funk said...

I'm feeling her winning BA more than BSA now for some reason.

LOL'ed when Stephen Daldry bum-rushed Winslet to give her a kiss, but she handled the near head-on collision (literally) with aplomb.

adam k. said...

I LOVED Kate Winslet's second win. The first one I actually missed the beginning of (damn me for being late to my globes party!), and I was a bit annoyed that she'd beaten Cruz, and her speech just seemed a little canned, but the genuine emotion in the second one, and genuine off-the-cuff mania, won me over.

"Oh god, who's the other one???" was my favorite moment of the night. Love that Angelina wasn't offended (hey, it's the only name longer than two syllables, I can see how she'd go blank).

I'm hoping for Winslet in lead, Cruz in supporting. Not sure how likely that is now. Also not sure where they'll want to reward Kate. I'm thinking the desire for the Bardem/Cruz moment will trump all else, since there's really no other overriding desire for any other specific win permutation (other than seeing Winslet up there somewhere). I hope I'm right.

I actually don't think Kate is committing category fraud, I think it's a defensible categorization, though very iffy. We see her completely through the lens of Michael and are never inside her head. And though everything is about her in an abstract way, she's not actually onscreen all that much.

That said, I prefer Cruz's performance, and will be rooting for her.

Glenn said...

That bit about Barrymore and Diaz made me LOL!

I haven't watched them yet so I can't really comment (I got my mother to record them because they were only aired on Australia's version of "cable", which not many people have here).

Dom said...

Thank God you brought up Loveleen Tandan! I always mention how pissed I am that she is getting no credit when someone brings up Slumdog and people look at me like I'm nuts. Maybe it's because I'm a woman studying filmmaking, still it doesn't seem fair...

Shawn said...

I can see where you're coming from about a possible Winslet backlash if she wins two Oscars in a month. But I won't be contributing. I will love her then as much as I love her now. And gosh, she deserves two Oscars.

But I'm also dreaming of a post-Oscar win world for Kate. Maybe she'll feel less inclined to star in only "December Movies." I'd love to see her in a summer type movie. Or comedies. Yes, comedies.

par3182 said...

i adore kate winslet but her reaction to that second win was a little too gywneth for my liking

The Know Nothing Know It All said...

With Kate Winslet, I'm so protective of her, as bizarre as that sounds. I'm like a lioness with her very cub. I don't want people to say that she's awards hungry, or accuse her of being greedy or an attention whore. Kate had been nominated for five Golden Globes prior to winning these two. She always loses graciously, no matter what awards show she's at. Plus, she's a fearless, risk-taking actress, which is more than you can say about a lot of performers who have been doing this a lot longer than she has.

That's why I don't want her to win two Oscars...the backlash would be monumental. She almost didn't recover from the "Titanic" backlash. I want Kate to be around for a good long while, and I mean as a film actress. I love Glenn Close, but I want Kate to turn into Meryl, not Glenn, if that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I hope she wins supporting. I loved her performance. I didn't know she could be such a bitch! Poor kid.

I reaaally hope she doesn't slow down. I mean, she doesn't even know when she'll be in a movie again. And I don't think I want to see her in a comedy again. She was great in Holiday but they rarely make quality comedies I think.

I saw Slumdog Millionaire. I like it but didn't love it. At least it was obvious they just wanted to make a good film and not sweep Oscars. It just happened that it was a little better than what they thought it would be, thus the 10000 awards.

One last thing. Kate said her favorite word when she won for the second time. "Fuck"!!!


YH said...

Kate was so glorious with her two wins. So was Sally in her acceptance speech. The "Slumdog" love, Colin Farrell and his tweaked out on coke speech, Mickey winning, Darren A. giving him the bird, Heath's tribute, Emma playing den mother, Tina Fey calling out the haters, Angelina looking badass, Bruce winning song, and on and on. This was one of the best Globes I can recall in a long time with great winner after great winner. I have a feeling that I'll be more satisfied with these winners than what the Oscars come up with.

Dean said...

What about Steven Speilberg's speech?
I thought it was the best lifetime achievement speech I've ever heard.

Somewhat Anonymous said...

Her winning two Oscars wouldn't create any significant backlash. (Of course if you look hard enough you can find some degree of "backlash" against anything and anyone well liked and popular).

Her winning two and behaving like she did at the Globes probably would, though. I really though she had more substance than that.

Still Anonymous said...

Then again, her Globes reactions sort of gave the impression that winning awards was her main reason for acting in the first place so maybe she'll lose all motivation once she's got an academy award.

Stephen G said...

Yes, it's really irking me that Loveleen Tanden has seemingly slipped off the radar. I'd love to read an explanation as to why she's not getting credited as co-director.

TheMedwenitsch said...

Didn't Meryl Streep have kind of a backlash in the early 90s ore some time around then???
But she just kept on working, maybe not as prestiguous (spelling?) work but more comedies.
Like "Death Becomes Her", god how I love her in this!

Maybe Kate Winslet will go through such a "phase" (if it actually ever existed, I don't really know) and we'll see her brilliance in some really weird movies and performances.
I'd love to see that...

Imagine Kate Winslet in something like that:

TheMedwenitsch said...


Catherine said...

I think my favourite moment of the night was during Sacha Baron Cohen's rubbish two minute stand-up act. After he told his Madonna joke (which wasn't funny, in terms of humour, but was hardly that offensive, celebrities!), the camera cut to a wonderfully disdainful Salma Hayek who was putting on her best Queen Victoria impression. However, if you look closely just behind Salma, you can clearly see Drew Barrymore roaring with laughter.

Anonymous said...

Kate definetely doesn't act to get awards. She wouldn't star in movies like Hideous Kinky or Enigma or Holiday. She wouldn't get naked so often. The Academy gives awards to people wearing clothes as well.

Some people want to attack actors no matter what. "He's doing it for the money". "He's doing it for the awards". "She was too emotional". "He was like he didn't care".

There must always be a problem!!


Anonymous said...

I have also made an observation on Meryl. She really looked as if she is (she kind of is) everyone's mother. She had this wise look in her eyes like saying (It's the Golden Globes. It's my home. You are my guests (or children).) It seems that she knows her place.


gabrieloak said...

I know a lot of people would like to see Cruz win BSA, but I wouldn't be surprised if Winslet if nominated in that category loses to someone else--like Tomei or Davis. It really depends on how many voters watch all the films--since it seems at least from one Oscar voter who's posting at Gold Derby that not all voters watch all the films and just vote for what they've seen.

Iggy said...

I'm with Adam K. on this one, I think Winslet will win in lead (it really doesn't matter which performance makes the final five in that category, everybody has decided it's her time) and Cruz in supporting (I'd love to see the clip when both chat, but I can't find it). Also the spontaneous "who's the other one?" line is the best part of an acceptance speech I've heard ever.

Personally, I think the backlash is somehow natural or predictable. The way I see it people feel nobody, not even Winslet, needs to win two awards the same night. Not even goddesses like Kate Hepburn or Bette Davis ever won two Oscars the same night.

I don't see the "desperation" or the "greed" for awards in her, and if there is, at least she laughs at it in that "Extras" cameo. But it's true that she's perceived as limited to oscar bait performances (or as someone said, as December actress) actress. Though I don't think is her fault, I'd love to see her more in comedies. Wouldn't she be perfect in a Woody Allen one?

Another moment I loved at the Globes was the one when Meryl Streep (don't remember if in the comedy or drama category) is called her name among the nominees and she closes her eyes as if saying: yes, I know you love me but let's finish with this, you know you aren't going to give it to me this time, either.

Rob said...

You hit the nail on the head with a double oscar win for Winslet. The backlash would be huge, and she'd wait a long time even for another nod.

A single oscar is enough at this stage. And I'm a huge fan.

Rich Aunt Pennybags said...

interesting thought on the winslet backlash...i have thought that an Oscar win could mean that she get's lesser roles and is no longer taking seriously...

her non-winning might just be working for her.

That's an interesting theory. I do think that there is such a thing as a bad win or at least there seems like there is such a thing, but perhaps it's just bad personal choices that an actor/actress makes after winning. I don't know though, it seems like someone's career is going along fine or seems to be going fine with some flops here and there, but not a whole string of them, then they win, and they just fall off the radar forever or at least for awhile. I was thinking about this recently because of "she who must not be named" looking the way she did at the Golden Globes desperately wanting attention which does seem for her since to me she's still A-List even if she's had some flops lately, and then just yesterday seeing her in a preview for a movie that looks like it's already been done a billion times before. Seriously, I had to go look up the movie right away at the IMDb to make sure it was her and not Joey Lauren Adams, even though they don't really look alike anymore because "she who must not be named's" face has this weird bloaty look to it because of too much dieting I guess. I mean she's definitely not fat, but her face just does not look like it use to anymore and that's not because of aging either.

Anyhow, it could be just a series of bad choices, but I always wonder is if had she not won for Cold Mountain would she still be on the hot streak that she was back then, or would it have hit the cold streak that it did directly after winning. I just feel like her winning wasn't because she was the best that year, but because for some reason she felt due even though she really, really wasn't compared to other a lot of other people without one, and now there's regret or backlash that they awarded her. Or look at Gwyneth Paltrow, who for me is the best example of this theory working. Most people feel that Cate Blanchett should have won over her. (I'm not in that camp because I was supporting Fernanda Montegro, who had absolutely no chance.) Anyhow, if you look at their careers, it definitely seems like it was better for Blanchett to lose than Paltrow winning. Of course, again that could just all be due to the career choices since it makes sense that after winning, an actor would then be free to try other types of films because he/she have already won, or if an actor didn't win he/she would be doing other baity roles to finally win. It just seems like there is such a thing as a bad win at least in terms of what it does to the winner later on.

Sorry for the babbling, this is all to say that I agree that it may have actually been more beneficial to Winslet's career that she didn't win all the way back for Sense and Sensibility. I would have been fine if she had even though I liked Joan Allen more, but she may have won too early in her career like others seem to do and killed off her career momentum. Probably not because she does seem like she makes great choices and because of her talent, but whose to know for sure what would have happened.

Anyhow, as much as I criticize them, I really wished the Globes had taken place last year too because they do seem like the funnest award show without trying too hard unlike say any of the MTV Awards or the Grammies which want to make it seem like their awards are the most fun, but give off an effort of trying too much to create that vibe and therefore not really being fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm such a fanboy. Here I was for all this time just assuming that everyone loved Kate as much as I did. As I keep saying to my friends, "We live in a world where Hilary Swank has two Oscars. There is something wrong when Kate doesn't even have one." IMHO, Kate should have had at least one Oscar maybe two by now, one for Eternal Sunshine (which horse-face won instead) and possibly one for Sense and Sensibility. Anyway, I think the backlash mostly comes not because someone wins two Oscars, but because they make poor career choices afterwards (aka The Reaping) or if an Oscar is not really deserved (The Accused). Both of Kate's performances have a lot of merit and I don't see her joining the cast of National Treasure 3, so...

That being said, I doubt she'll win two Oscars.


i just think there's too much evidence of people's careers getting wonky post-Oscar not to assume that it means people are ready for a break once you're champion of Hollywood (which is really what it amounts to)

in some ways it's like a career achievement award (think Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich... only in that case one feels it was Julia herself who slowed down her career afterwards. Nothing left to prove?) and once you've won on (see also: Susan Sarandon) people feel like they can move on.

I just worry for Winslet is all. I mean... i guess i would love it if she were doing something other than Oscar Bait for a few years so maybe it wouldn't be all bad.

think how refreshing ETERNAL SUNSHINE was for her and than think how infrequently she steps out of the heavy drama or period piece realm.

Deborah said...

Can we talk about Bruce's botox? Please? Because that's a lot of smooth for all that grinning.

I love Bruce. I worship Bruce. I'm from New Jersey, it's a state religion. But seriously.

Robert said...

I dunno, after seeing Sting, the whole botox thing seemed like a decent idea.



YH said...

Then again, her Globes reactions sort of gave the impression that winning awards was her main reason for acting in the first place so maybe she'll lose all motivation once she's got an academy award.

It didn't to me. It's that damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario. She's happy about winning, then all she wants is a damn award. If she's nonchalent and whatever about it, then she's fake and disingenuous about the whole awards process. She wants an Oscar. She was thrilled about winning two Globes. She rarely wins public awards like that. It was a great moment. Let her have that without all the hate.

Amanda said...

You are so fantastic. I agree with your comment about Kate. The hate for her on IMDb's Oscar Buzz is already at grotesque levels. I've supported her through five losses, and I'll keep supporting her through 2 wins, if that's how it goes. I thought both of her speeches were beautiful and I'm so happy for her.

In other news, I love the Boss as well.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is passionate about Kate one way or another. :p

As happy as I am for her winning, I still find the Globes a bit unimportant. I am more anxious about the bold guy.


David Sims said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Sims said...

Loveleen Tandan was a casting director for Slumdog who Danny Boyle elevated to the credit of Co-Director because he appreciated her work with the kids and the expansion of the use of Hindi in the movie, right? Co-Director doesn't actually signify that she directed half the movie, if she did it'd be directed by Danny Boyle and Loveleen Tandan.


Anonymous said...

Kate is not the only actress to win Globes in Lead & Supporting. Sigorney Weaver did it for Gorillas in the Mist and Working Girl. She went on to 2 Oscar nominations and went home with none. Same thing will happen with Kate. Kate is sooooo overrated.

Ali Arikan said...

Loved Ricky Gervais's speech. Also loved Sacha Baron-Cohen's beyond the pale comments, and the reaction shots from Selma Hayek and Sandra Bullock.


ali --i love seeing those reactions too. but this is the first time i thought Cohen wasn't funny.

i really don't get why we get plastic surgery jokes every year from some one. are they ever funny/new?

i think i've heard some variation on that "familiar new faces" line every single year i've watched awards shows starting as a kid in 1983!

NEW JOKES. they're in dire need.

Ramification said...

are you kidding me, Sting looks like a hot bear now :)

Sally Belle said...

I agree with Nathanial's comments about Slumdog.
I myself wondered why there wasn't more thanking of Loveleen except that , of course, to continue to talk about her, and assign too much importance to her role could be threatening to Boyle's Oscar campaign. I know Fox's publicity machine, and believe me, they have talked about it.

Understand that she didn't "direct" half of the movie...but, back in Toronto they were discussing her invaluable contributions to the authenticity and to bridging the language barriers with the children in particular. I do think she deserves a bigger shout out!

Also...I have seen The reader twice now, and have changed my mind about the category fraud. Here I disagree with Nathanial. The movie is NOT about Winslet's character...it is about Michael. Just like the Visitor is about Walter, and The Wrestler is about Ram, this one is a study of Michael. The fact that Michael is played by two different actors, makes the "no Lead" acceptable. No category fraud here, in my opinion.

carlos said...

I don't know where y'all have been for the last 12 years but Winslet had already won a BAFTA and a SAG, which surely are as if not more prestigious than the Starfucking Globes.


I'm not sure how prestigous SAG is really (their awards aren't that old so there's very little history ...) an as for BAFTA... i agree that's a big deal but it's not really for american moviegoers (outside of oscar obsessives) who don't even know what it is.

everyone knows what the Globes are.



On Angelina's reaction in Critics-Globes, it is not the same to lose against two ladies (Critics Choice) than losing to only one lady (Golden Globes).

That would explain her face. Kate Beckinsale wasn't specially happy at Critics, too, but people only care about Angie.


Backlash makes sense because they voted in masses to see her win at least one Globe. What happened? She won both. It makes sense. But now, Globes are the exercise. And this won't happen at SAGs, BAFTAs or Oscars. That's why it has happened at Globes.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Kate Winslet would "give up" after winning an Oscar. I think Oscar or not in February, she's in it for the long haul and will continue to make interesting choices, bait or otherwise. I doubt she would pull a "Catwoman" or "Aeon Flux" or "National Treasure 2" post-win. Now if the Academy tires of her after a win, then that's another story. I don't see that happening though. She's going to be one of those actresses that will be nodded a lot, and will give Meryl a run for her money with career nods when it's all said and done.

sean said...

i really hope there isn't too much back-lash. i would hate for after all these years of losing that in the event of her actually winning people saying she didnt deserve it or she was too desperate for it! its kate winslet people! how can you not love her?

Steven said...

Everyone knows that Kate Winslet has deserved at least two Oscars by now. I don't see why a backlash is inevitable. I don't think it is. People know she's one of the great actresses of our time, and I don't think you can really say the same about Renee or Gwyneth or Julia, etc. Kate has been risky and has shown her versatility and range. Anyway, her husband is Sam Mendes. He'll just have to direct her in a movie again if she complains about not getting any good work. I do believe that she has created two of the very best performances of this year. I would love to see her awarded for both. She's on top of my lead actress and supporting actress lists of the year.

And I'm with Sally Belle et al. on this one: no category fraud here. Yes, it's fuzzy and on-the-fence, but a very good case can be made for supporting. There are far worse cases, even in this year. For example, I think Dev Patel and David Kross should be vying for a nomination in the Best Actor category. (David > Dev... I don't get the hype around Dev's performance or for his movie in general.)


Steven said...

And what's with this this desperation or greedy accusation? The girl was in shock! Go win two Golden Globes unexpectedly (come on, both wins can be considered upsets) and tell me how you react. She obviously put her heart into Revolutionary Road and she was ecstatic that her hard work had been recognized. In fact, she was more prepared to win for The Reader as she has said in a press interview after winning supporting actress. She had said that she only prepared the one speech and that she didn't foresee winning Best Actress because Anne Hathaway would win hands down. So forgive Kate if she was at all surprised to win a second award that night (how often does that happen?) and was immediately forced to speak in front of the entire world.


sean said...

ya wat steven said. and just incase people have forgotten read this article to get a little reminder as to why she FULLY deserves those 2 globes and (hopefully) an oscar

sean said...

oops i forgot to give the link :P http://www.awardsdaily.com/?p=5920#more-5920

Anonymous said...

Category fraud ? Get over it.

Christ ...



as i've said countless times, i don't really care about categorization when it's a gray area and I certainly haven't actively campaigned against Kate in The Reader ... I love the performance.

i just think it's amusing that people are so certain it's a supporting role when if everyone would step back just a little they would know that if there was no REVOLUTIONARY ROAD this would been considered a lead role by everyone on god's green earth and y'all know it.

but again grey area. I don't really care.

Billy Held An Oscar said...

I have a feeling Drew is having a hard times shaking Little Edie.

Just a hunch.

Michael Clark said...

It's troubling that Kate Winslet is so famous for being the actress that "deserves" it. I personally always envisioned her finally winning an award and then joking about her past losses and the people who beat her. But when she won for The Reader, she remarked, "I have a habit of not winning things" and got a chuckle from about two guys. I don't think everyone is as deep in her camp as we all are. I think they feel like she's garnered enormous acclaim and prestige at a young age and is already a "winner" for being the "loser". I think Nathaniel is right. Not all would be pleased.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Winslet finally won not one but two awards! Does this mean that I won't have to hear her fans constantly whine and groan about how unappreciated she is? Lord, I hope so. Now that will be refreshing. Thank God her buddy DiCaprio doesn't seem to care that much about winning these things. Actually, I think her best work was in Eternal Sunshine, etc. It was much freer and entertaining than most of the stuff she does. I mean the girl needs a break from all that heavy shit.

Rich Aunt Pennybags said...

i just think there's too much evidence of people's careers getting wonky post-Oscar not to assume that it means people are ready for a break once you're champion of Hollywood (which is really what it amounts to)

in some ways it's like a career achievement award (think Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich... only in that case one feels it was Julia herself who slowed down her career afterwards. Nothing left to prove?) and once you've won on (see also: Susan Sarandon) people feel like they can move on.

I just worry for Winslet is all. I mean... i guess i would love it if she were doing something other than Oscar Bait for a few years so maybe it wouldn't be all bad.

think how refreshing ETERNAL SUNSHINE was for her and than think how infrequently she steps out of the heavy drama or period piece realm.

Thanks, Nat, you wrote what I was trying to write much better than I ever could have. It does feel like the Academy gets tired of people once they get their Oscar, at least under certain circumstances like winning for the wrong role, winning too early in your career, or winning an Oscar because of the "due" factor rather than the performance itself. So I do think in an odd way Kate has been very lucky that she hasn't won yet otherwise I doubt she would have been nominated quite so many times. I could be wrong, but I think it would probably be around three possibly four, but certainly not five, depending on what role would have won her the Oscar hypothetically.

I don't think it would ever happen, but theoretically if she did win two Oscars this year, I do agree that even as great as she is, the Academy would definitely be fatigued by her and not nominate her for quite awhile. It's like with Cate Blanchett this year; although, I thought that she was gaining momentum there, I did think that being double nominated last year, one for a performance that most people think of as a placeholder, really hurt her in terms of really gaining any kind of momentum this year. I do think it's kind of funny in a way that is if Angelina Jolie does get nominated this year that her work was better last year even though she was snubbed with Blanchett taking one of the spots that could have been her's, and now with Blanchett having a better performance than her nominated performance last year probably being ignored this year perhaps with Jolie getting one of the spots that Blanchett could have had. Aw, I guess that vicious circle will always be part of the Oscars. People winning or being nominated for the wrong role just because the voters are trying to make up for not nominating/awarding that person for the right role.

i really don't get why we get plastic surgery jokes every year from some one. are they ever funny/new?

i think i've heard some variation on that "familiar new faces" line every single year i've watched awards shows starting as a kid in 1983!

Yes, I think the first time I remember it was in one of those montages the Oscars love to do with them showing a clip of the past Oscar hosts, and Bob Hope was the first one that I heard use that joke or a variation of it and that clip was in black and white.

coffee said...

i didn't think Mickey Rourke would ever show up in public again, then there he was, winning big at the Golden Globes

Jill said...

I don't think Kate Hate is just about awards. It's been around ever since TITANIC. Don't you remember all the usenet posts about how Kate is fat, and Kate is a pig, and Kate is this, and Kate is that. I don't know what it is, but there is no middle ground about Kate. You either adore her as many of us do, or you hate her for reasons unknown. Jealousy at her talent?

All that said, I really would like to see her play something different. As much as I adore her, you have to admit that there's a certain sameness to all of her characters -- the Free Spirit Bucking Societal Expectations With Mixed Success. It's not surprising that she would gravitate to them, but I would like to see her do something entirely different.