Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pan Asian Splendor

If you like your foreign language pictures ripe with visual opulence, you're probably fond of the Asian film industries. The Oscar submissions for Foreign Language Film keep on pouring in and Asia's entries look particularly delectable. Hong Kong's entry stars Takeshi Kaneshiro (there's all the visual beauty you need right there) . The film is called Perhaps Love. China's choice, the latest from a former nominee in this category Chen Kaige (He had an Oscar success with Farewell My Concubine in 1993), is called The Promise. And what do you know? It's another epic featuring a concubine. Only this time there's martial arts, too. Here's a heavily costumed photo gallery for your hungry eyes. Both films, naturally, are shot by Crouching Tiger's Oscar-winning cinematographer Peter Pau. So expect the usual beauty to be doubled.


Anonymous said...

Yes, "The Promise" looks awfully exciting. But doesn't it seem that Chen Kaige is trying too hard to follow the great Zhang Yimou's footsteps? I mean, "Farewell my concubine" came only two years after "Raise the Red Lantern" (the best film of 1991). And now "The Promise" comes immediately after "Hero"... mmm. In any case, the movie should be great anyway.

Also, it's very likely China will pick up another Yimou entry next year, given that his "Autumn Remembrance" with none other than Gong Li (yay!!!) is coming in 2006. Now *that* will be even better.

PS - Also Nat, the new layout is rather amazing, keep up the great work.

PS 2 - I will be rather mad if Ellen doesn't get to the Top 10, and right now, sadly, her chances aren't looking too good....

Anonymous said...

Does somebody know if "Saraband" is eligible for this year's Oscars? Not as a Sweden submission, but as a US 2005 theatrical release (which it is).

Did you know that in 1975 the Oscars used a dubious rule just so Liv Ullmann wouldn't be nominated? Jesus... we would be looking at Oscar winner Liv Ullmann right now if this hadn't happened. But of course, Ellen would have been left Oscarless.

Anonymous said...

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