Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Blogged Up

Yesterday this blog had its best day ever by a big margin, passing the 1000 visitors mark (I guess it really is awards season) Thanks for tuning in. If you're new say hello. Today the Golden Globes baby, the Golden Globes. (Predictions: Mine and Joe Reid's)


John T said...

Ooh, interesting set of nominees. No Jake, Diane, or Ralph (tears), which especially hurts the last two, as Keaton hasn't (oddly)received any attention yet, and unlucky for Fiennes, as he has been a favorite at the Globes before and Constant Gardener scored in other categories. Kudos for Weisz, Ledger, Brokeback in general, and for not picking Renee Zellwegger. Oh, and speaking of Best Actress, was the Oscar race just sent into a twoway tournament now, with Huffman in Drama and Witherspoon in Comedy/Musical? I could see them both winning and then becoming the frontrunners for the trophy (and then the gimick trick may come to pass for year number, seven, eight-who can count anymore?)

Anonymous said...

You deserve it, Mr. Rogers.

While you keep on climbing the stairs to fame, success, and money, do not forget the first ones to admire your site and blog. Consider us... and also consider Ralph Fiennes for FB Awards. ;-)


Glenn Dunks said...

here here Marcelo.

Us lowly common folk down here on the ground need to be fed regularly.

Congrats on the 1000 viewers thing! That's swellegant.

Anonymous said...

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