Monday, December 12, 2005

Thank Heaven For (Supporting) Girls

Supporting Actress. It could be this year's most competitive Oscar category. And it's already stacking up nicely for the FB Awards too. I still need to see the ladies from The Family Stone, Match Point, and The White Countess. But aside from those remaining unseen, these 20 -presented in random order, are the most special to me this year. (Why 20 you ask? Well, because there are MORE supporting roles than leading roles... hence more candidates to consider thoroughly)

Who will place in the FB Awards in this über competitive category?


Anonymous said...

brittany murphy?????

also, i love idina menzel, but rosario dawson was incredible in rent, and idina was pretty eh.

Glenn Dunks said...

1st Row: Catherine Keener, ???, ???, Shirley MacLaine, ???

2nd Row: Maria Bello, ???, Michelle Williams, Zhang Ziyi, Idina Menzel

3rd Row: Amy Adams, Frances McDormand, Brittany Murphy, Catherine Keener, Maggie Gyllenhaal

4th Row: Meryl Streep, Brenda Blethyn, Tilda Swinton, Michelle Monaghan, Dakota Fanning.

Still not getting the Dakota love.

My personal Top 5 atm are
Noni Hazlehurst, Little Fish
Michelle Monaghan, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Thandie Newton, Crash
Rachel Weisz, The Constant Gardener
Zhang Ziyi, 2046


Nick M. said...

I am all for Brenda Blethyn.

I'd like to see Amy Adams score a nomination, though (Celia Watson? -- psssh).

adam k. said...

I'm all about La Streep.

Glenn Dunks said...

Interesting to see Nat considers Streep a supporting contender for Prime. And then, to bring it all back, Weisz for Lead? I haven't seen Prime though so I shouldn't talk.

Interesting that Thandie Newton isn't on there. Id'v thought she's place higher than, say, Dakota Fanning. Interesting...

NicksFlickPicks said...

1st Row: Catherine Keener, ???, Celia Weston in Junebug (who is great!), Shirley MacLaine, Taraji P. Henson in Hustle & Flow

Second from the left in each of the top two rows are unidentifiable to me, too.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Monaghan!! <3

Nick: You're looking at Laura Linney (sort of hiding her face) and Thelma Barlow from Mrs. Henderson Presents.

Anonymous said...

and no Faye Wong for 2046?? :(

NicksFlickPicks said...

Thanks, Nick!

Oh, and Nathaniel? Just to help you? Adams, Bello, Gyllenhaal, Linney, Weston. (Though I admittedly haven't seen Barlow, Monaghan, Streep, or Williams.)



right --yes Brittany. There's something visceral about her work in that movie. not entirely sure i can describe it but it's the female performance i remember most vividly from that movie.

kamikaze -i was cool on Newton. Excellent in some scenes. all wrong in others. my take at least. strangely uneven performance. prime is really about uma and bryan. but streeps is a very substantial role so it's one of those tough calls (like Weisz, Daniels, and Linney). and don't worry about fanning. No one gets the love. 'cept for maybe Barbara Walters. Seriously how did Dakota get on that 10 Most Interesting People of 2005 list on TV last week?

nick -also cool on faye wong. I was all about Ziyi in that movie (and keeping an eagle eye out for split second Cheung appearance)

nick d -thanks for the help? Barlow is really a trifle, but fun. Of that grouping that you haven't seen Williams is the strongest.

Glenn Dunks said...

ooh, okay. Some of those people I was like "who on earth is that?" Laura Linney is obvious now that I know who it is.

Thandie was all wrong in some scenes? I'm not saying you're wrong, but I'm really interested in what ones you thought she was excellent in and what ones she was all wrong in? But see, I am one of the few who thought Terrance Howard was one of the weaker aspects of Crash. A tad too passive for me.

Brittany was probably my favourite in Sin City. She had a little something extra that the other didn't. Maybe it was because she was alive and not mopey, which I know is the point of the movie, but whatever.

Anonymous said...

For your consideration:

Rachel Weisz - a great character and a perfect performance in The Constant Gardener. She is supporting.


Javier Aldabalde said...

Thandie Newton was quite over-the-top in a few scenes, way too much superficial yelling going on there. Everything was forgiven with the car(s) sequence, though.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. We should start making our own FYCs for the FB Awards -- Screw the Oscars!

NicksFlickPicks said...

I liked Thandie Newton's performance, though I thought she kind of dropped the ball in the attempted reconciliation scene when she visits Howard at his set.

Still, I think there is a great drag show to be mined from this performance. "What I NEED is a MAN, who will not just STAND THERE..." Include the burning car, include the whole bit. Think what Sandra Bernhard could do with this material. :)

Anonymous said...

That's my point. Who cares about the Academy Awards???????
We have the FB.


Anonymous said...

Thelma Barlow. Ha. She's a hoot in that role. And you can hear everyone in a British cinema simultaneously sying: "Ooh, that's Mavis!"

Apologies for the Brit-specific private joke.


Anonymous said...

Love that you're consdiering Idina from Rent. I was wondering though - are you considering Rosario for Lead since she's considered that for the stage version? While Idina's role was fun and flashy, Rosario is the one that stayed with me the most.

I live out in Texas ya'll, so I haven't seen half of these people. I'm still shocked we got Rent.

Glenn Dunks said...

lol@thandie and the drag stuff.

I thought that scene was great. "You sure are kind to us black folk." WHATEVER, BITCHES.


And yes, FYC at the FB awards sounds like a plan. Photoshop here we come.

Anonymous said...

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