Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Site News: New interview with Hughes Winborne, the editor of one of this year's major talking point films, Crash. There's also new online top 10 lists and critics awards --more on these later perhaps.

External News: The former "geninn.net" is back --providing you with that glorious annual compilation of 400+ critics top ten lists. It begins today HERE. Watch your favorites rise (yay!) and fall (*sob*) on the chart.


adam k. said...

yikes! a C for Family Stone? I really liked this movie. I get that it wasn't perfect, and maybe it was a bit manipulative and the character/tone changes a bit abrupt, but there was just such great work on display from so many of these actors that it all pretty much worked for me. I found the comedy truly funny and the warmth unforced and affecting.
Was I just buying the sappiness? Was I duped?
Will you at least concede that there was really good ensemble acting in this film?

Anyway, how crazy is it that Brokeback is absolutely sweeping the critics' awards? No film has been this strong with the critics since... well... Sideways... but it shouldn't count, cause it was such a "critics film". Usually when this happens with a film that's epic and tragic like this one, it will be headed for the Best Pic oscar? Are you buying its chances? I am.


i am believing it will win, yes. BUT I think it will be hard fought. I expect a lot of the races to be tight ones this year when all is said and done.

with the exception possibly of Actress which is going to Reese Witherspoon. (pretty obvious)

Joe R. said...

That interview was so great. Good job!

adam k. said...

That's what I like about Brokeback... it DOES seem like it has to win, but there will be enough suspense, definitely, because the idea of it actually winning is just too outlandish (in a good way... or I guess a bad way for some) to be taken for granted. It will never look like the "safe" choice.

I do think there will be a lot of suspense across the board? Even in actress... do you really think Reese is safe, from Judi or especially from Huffman. NEVER underestimate the power of deglam.

adam k. said...

forgot to add:

...and as the saying goes, never underestimate the power of Judi Dench.

...but really, NEVER the power of deglam.

Nick M. said...

I admire the haunting effect of Brokeback Mountain, but I simply cannot see it winning Best Picture (I blame the Academy's taste more than the film's quality).

Your grades for The Holy Girl and Kings and Queen are the same as mine -- good job, man.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to give you a heads up: