Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brad in Blue. Jack in the Green.

Things Movie actors I'm thinking about...
Vanity Fair Robert Wilson may be an avant-garde kook but since he can convince Brad Pitt to stand nearly naked in studio rain for Vanity Fair's "Art Issue" who am I to judge. I merely thank. [src]
Hollywood Bitchslap interviews the underappreciated Veronica Cartwright and gets fun details on The Children's Hour, The Birds, and Alien. Goodness this woman has been in a lot of cool films. That ain't the half of it.
Low Resolution Joe is working out his feelings about the Witherspoon / Phillipe split. We'll need to make this a group therapy event to get through...

And finally leaving work yesterday I heard half of a cell phone conversation that perfectly illustrates the "word-of-mouth = box office" equation:
i saw that new jack nicholson last night... yeah... the departed. jack was badass...badass...every self-respecting jack fan has to see it...nicholson and scorsese ...yeah! ...what else do you need?
The Departed has already earned $91 million. By next weekend it'll pass The Aviator's $102 total. Since it's not slowing down much at all, it'll also pass Cape Fear which, if you adjust for inflation, is still Scorsese's biggest hit at the reachable $124.

Those Oscar nominations are beginning to look like easy gets. Oh, and Ellen Burstyn likes it, too.


Yaseen Ali said...

I know this is the question on everyone's mind right now, so I want to ask you specifically Nathaniel - what do you think about Scorcese's chances? I can't really see The Departed as a threat for the Best Picture Oscar, but this could be a repeat of the 2003 scenaro... The main prize goes to a big musical (Chicago = Dreamgirls) while the director's prize goes to a long overdue name (Roman Polanski = Martin Scorcese). Bill Condon already has an Oscar.

Or maybe they just like getting Scorcese's hopes up with many nominations and abandoning him at the last second...


normally i would say his chances are 'nil... given that it has always seemed obvious that he is just not their cuppa.

but that Chicago scenario does seem highly plausible nonetheless. I think The Departed was pretty kicky but I'm still a little surprised it's been this big of a hit. The surprise attack can win Oscars. we've seen it before. Someone written off and then a collective group of someones going: 'you know what? this person rocks'

so yeah, i'd say he's in the race for Best Director and if no film becomes truly dominant (and it does seem like that kind of year... at least so far) he wins.

adam k. said...

Whoa, I'm really sad about Reese and Ryan. I didn't see this coming at ALL. Seriously. I thought Reese would fight tooth and nail to keep her family together, and when she fights tooth and nail, she ALWAYS wins (as we found out in Joe's tournament).

I recommend Ryan sleep with a bodyguard for a while, at least just until she cools down.

Also, why did Matthew Ryan Phillipe adopt the name Ryan Phillipe instead of Matthew Ryan? Phillipe is basically the hardest name in the world to pronounce well. "Matthew Ryan" on the other hand, is AWESOME.

Glenn Dunks said...

I'm sure there's enough Matthew Ryan's in the world. It's a yawnenducing name for a *movie star* (which Phillipe isn't in my mind, but 'tev)

And I really do think Scorsese is gonna win Best Director. I reckon the critics prizes will be split between Scorsese, Greengrass with some going to people like Almodovar and Frears. But, yeah, when Academy members get their ballot I think they're gonna mark down Scorsese. If they don't I think there'll be an uprising at the Kodak.

Not that I think he deserves it for The Departed, but it'd still be nice to see him win one.