Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hump Day Hotties: "Bond, James Bond"

OK... Craig, Daniel Craig. He's been a Hump Day Hottie before (me love him long time) but I thought I'd shill for the new Bond film today. Now, normally I wouldn't lazily throw up a big promotional still for a movie and call it a post. And certainly not for a big studio effort that didn't need a wee bit of bloggy support. But this is an historic occassion. You see this will be the first Bond film I have seen since 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies. I figured that deserved mentioning.

And it's worth noting that I only saw the 1997 episode of Bond, James Bond for its Bond Girl. I knew Michelle Yeoh would kick all kinds of ass therein. Casino Royale is the first Bond film I'm seeing for James Bond himself since, well, ever! I wasn't alive during the Sean Connery heyday but I'll admit to loving Octopussy (with Roger Moore) when I was a wee lad. Maybe I just liked saying the title?

Previously in my obsession with Daniel Craig...

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Nikos said...

I am not sure whether I am going to watch this movie or not.

What would you suggest?
Excluding the hotness factor!

Hey wanna trade links in our blogs?

Andy Scott said...


Anonymous said...

*sigh* He's a stunner. This will be the first Bond film I've gone to since Goldeneye, and solely for Mr Craig.

I was impressed by him in The Mother, and I recently finally caught up with Enduring Love and Layer Cake. He's especially good in the latter, with his characteristic intensity leavened by considerable charisma.

I only hope being cast as Bond doesn't prevent him taking more diverse and challenging roles in the future (I also hope he eventually quits the series while he's ahead - and before it quits him).

Anonymous said...


I just posted about it.

Click here to read.

Glenn Dunks said...

See, Craig is the sort of man who's appeal changes with the light. Sometimes he's got major sexiness going and other times his face looks like it got thrown into a vat of acid and then stomped on by a pack of elephants.