Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Dream of Kiki

So, last night I dreamt that I was friends with Kirsten Dunst. (Don't laugh, Kiki, that's so unkind) Not just that I met her -- that we were friends! She was reclined on a sofa of some sort, really sprawled out in a casual dress with her hair down, long and relaxed. She's in the middle of the lobby of a movie theater when I walk in.

Kirsten: (all casual / delighted) Hi, Nat. ohmygod. How've you been?

Nathaniel: (instantly confused. How does this movie star know me? And why don't I remember that she does? but externally all cool and casual) Hey, Kiki. I'm good.

Small talk ensues. She starts talking about the last time we were out together and giggling about some inside joke / previous exchange. I pretend to know what she's talking about. Not only am I apparently friends with Kirsten Dunst (in my dreams), I'm also above remembering that I am or at least indifferent to it. In this dream I'm kind of a jerk. (?)

She tells me to ignore the line forming beside us to get into the theater.

Kristen: Oh, that's just my family. Mom, it's OK I know him.

She grabs my arm. I am curiously not thinking about Jake Gyllenhaal as we head into the movie theater.

What's the last dream you had about a movie star?
Spill it in the comments or be haunted by insomnia tonight.


Neel Mehta said...

My favorite celebrity-related dream is completely random and not recent at all; it's maybe ten years old. I'm a reporter for an Entertainment Tonight-type show, and we have the scoop that Tom Berenger is dead. Most of the dream involves my decision of whether to report the story before I have a chance to inform his family.

Months later, I see a Coming Soon poster of Last of the Dogmen, and am floored by the discovery that Tom Berenger isn't dead after all. All that time I just assumed he was.

Jason Adams said...

I can't remember the last one I had, but my absolute favorite celebri-dream was years and years ago, in which Courtney Cox and I were Bonnie & Clyde, on the run from the law. We were, for some reason, driving an ice cream truck down a crowded pier for the majority of the dream.

I will never stop loving her just because of that dream.

Anonymous said...

my weirdest and most disturbing, yet also hilarious... was a sex dream involving Chyna of all people. Yes, the female wrestler. I know.

Anonymous said...

[in my dream] i could see bea arthur in her living room from my penthouse apartment. she was writing her memoirs and drinking scotch.

Glenn Dunks said...

The last celebrity that showed up in one of my dreams was Scarlett Johansson (again).

Although I have had dreams involving Nat, Javier AND Ali from the blogs, which is kind of odd considering I don't even know what Javier and Ali look like for the most part. Actually, in the dream with Ali Scar.Jo was also there chasing me with a butcher's knife dressed as a nun. Then it turned into this weird Cannibal Holocaust situation and I forced myself to wake up cause that's gross. Really gross.


adam k. said...

I'm kind of insulted now that I haven't been in Glenn's dreams.

And I know I must've had some dream recently involving a celebrity, but I don't remember it anymore. I've had some CRAZY dreams lately, but they fade quickly.

Unknown said...

Scarlett Johansson. I dreamt I was directing her on-stage as Helen of Troy, and managing her career!

Paxton Hernandez said...

Those Scarlett dreams aren't rare for me either.

Glenn Dunks said...

Aww, Adam. I'm sure I'll dream a dream of you soon enough!

J.D. said...

Damn insomnia.

I don't remember when it happened, but I had an apocalypse. Not the end of the world, the actual meaning from Greek, "to unveil a grand plan." It involved Scarlett Johansson, Jesus incarnite, and the score from The Return of the King. Don't ask. It's confidential.

Anonymous said...

Last night I dreamt Javier Bardem was my uncle, and he'd just gotten back from the oscars and I got to hold his Oscar, and I was so excited. Then my mum said he was a trouble maker (ala Ruffalo in YOU CAN COUNT ON ME) and I remember no more.

Odd because I've never seen bardem act.