Monday, November 06, 2006

Link 'til You Can't Link No More

Movies ~ Cinemathematics shares some feelings about the horror genre. Which happen to mirror my own. The Descent and Carrie are discussed.
Cinematical on the strange case of Bug's journey to the silver screen. Will Lionsgate release this thing? You may recall that I am rather obsessed with this movie. Whenever I read about it on the blogosphere I feel like I'm just about the only person who saw the excellent play.
European Films and GreenCine Daily offer up the European Film Award Nominations. A whole lotta love for Volver and The Lives of Others ... which are expected to be battling it out for the Foreign Language Oscar, too.

TV ~After Ellen on the success of Rosie's revamp of The View

Stage ~ MNPP freaks out about the poster for the new stage production of Equus starring Daniel Radcliffe. I love it. See, if you're not into Harry Potter --which I am not-- this is not psychologically damaging at all. It's just, well, disturbing. And all things Equus should be. If you haven't seen the Richard Burton film, you really should. And for a hilarious trip down memory lane here is The Onion's piece on Equus from January.

Wow on Nicole Retchie. I normally care not a whit about the 'famous for being famous' set. But I thought this post was funny primarily because it made me feel better about my boring-ass job. Seriously now, how much would it suck to be a celebrity publicist? Worst job ever.

Upcoming Blog-a-Thons ~They're exhausting if you host them but if you're a participant or reader, they're informative, enjoyable, and reliable discussion-starters. Blog-a-Thons arriving in the next two months on other blogs (I've done my time in 2006) include:


Anonymous said...

Nat, just FYI, Stardust has been moved to July 27, 2007.

Yaseen Ali said...

That Nicole Ritchie "montage" was hilarious! I watched it at a library on campus, and got annoyed stares from many people as I tried to keep my giggles to a minimum. So well edited...

Glenn Dunks said...

I already know who I'm discussing for LuLu's blog-a-thon. I'm fairly confident nobody else will be writing about her.

On a different topic: A- for Volver? You question mark it. Which way aren't you sure about? A for B+? Happy about the Fur grade.

I'll be veeerry interested to hear your thoughts on Children of Men. I gave it an A- and thought it was stunning cinema, but I haven't read the book so that may effect some people's viewing of it.