Wednesday, November 29, 2006

sorry haters, got me "indie" cred now

Y'all remember the last time my post dropped. Where I been? Making movies dumbass. Got two next year. Can't stop. Still really really hot. Just came to get my props. I got a Spirit Nomination, you heard? Used to be called an "Indie" Spirit but they aint frontin' no more, they went Hollywood years ago. I'ma fight the new James Bond and that ol' crackhead from Miss Sunshine. Heh.

That big tent in February, should be hot. Jennifer Tilly owwhoo Juliette Lewis: you know all them crazy 90s bitches be there. And that John Waters dude --sick.


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1 comment:

adam k. said...

Haha, this was really funny.

I can't believe they nominated him... er, I mean you. You, Tatum. Were you actually good?