Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Isn't Every Day "Annette Bening Day"?


It's Annette. No, no. Please sit. I was in a terrible mood last time I dropped by and for that I, well I --oh, consider my anger a blessing. It's not everyday a movie star acknowledges you! But I'm feeling much much better this week... star struck if you will. Thank you! Now, on to business.

Links that amuse The Bening
Hollywood Stars I know that millions of you wanted to attend my walk of fame ceremony but you can watch the video here since you were too poor to fly in. I'm beautiful in white. Oh and please know that you are welcome at any time here in Hollywood --that star will need a good polish.
Ericka, a fan like you, also has video and photos of "Annette Bening Day"
The Sun -my very favorite story of 2006! I can read it daily.
Gatochy has a beautiful appreciation of my Oscar-winning (oh, shut up!) performance in American Beauty. Just ignore the typo at the beginning where she says she was "never a fan" ...honestly, it's called proofreading, Gatochy!

I am NOT amused!
Cinephilia. It's one thing to obsess about my husband. Understandable. A sign of good character. Hormonally correct one might say. It's quite another to eavesdrop on highly personal phone calls.
Fame Tracker. Jealous Haters! At least they got my profession correct.

In fact, while I'm brightening your day by visiting, I've gone one step further and am illustrating my displeasures with Stephen Colbert's popular web delight, the On Notice Board generator.

until next time subjects,

Ms. Bening

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Glenn Dunks said...

Wow, that Fame Tracker thing was horrible. Quite disgusting.

Oh, and please elaborate on Children of Men - a movie, for once, that I have seen.

adam k. said...

Wow, that person really hates Annette Bening. Why?

I don't think Bening has naked oscar lust. And all the botox/surgery comments were ridiculous. Bening's aged as gracefully as any actress in the business. Those "slightly odd physical transformations" were most likely just Bening's ACTUAL aging.

Somebody's a little bit jealous, I think... maybe a crush on Warren Beatty?

qta said...

I love it when the Benning stops by. She brightens my day.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Bening! Please don't hurt me. I'm just in love with your husband and stalking is a part of that.

As a side note, I totally guessed Kate Capshaw's drink! YEAH!

M said...

I apologize, what was I thinking when I wrote that?!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny. I especially agree with the "100 minute oscar clip" comment.

Anonymous said...

Julie Christie is such a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Arden, if you're trying to make nice with me I expect a full return of all items you've pilfered from our trash (I don't throw any of Warren's things away anyway --do you think I'm crazy?)

Anonymous said...

meh, I often those Fame Tracker people to be full of crap. I don't take them too seriously.

Ericka said...

wow! I came across your blog and found myself thinking, 'I have found a kindred spirit. Someone else who knows the perfection that is The Bening.' (and The Beatty)

And there you are, 3 years back, linking to my own blog. Insanity. Or perhaps kismet. The Bening would approve.

And yes, I saw her in Medea. And of course, there are no words to describe how epic it was.