Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Links, Miscellania

Ellen Burstyn One of America's greatest actors now has a website!
Fame Tracker on Ty Burrell's strange casting niche. (Incidentally I think Ty gives the best performance in Fur, albeit a low key one)
Bright Lights After Dark on Criterion's Pandora's Box DVD. (mmm, Louise)

the fountain -still gushing love AND hate
Nicks Flick Picks (very briefly) on The Fountain
ModFab likes its similarities to Solaris.
Cinephilia not so much. Arden and Bro duke it out over the movie o' the week
In Which Our Hero thinks it a train wreck

me, me, me
Lone Star Verve you've got just one or two days left to vote for my blog. Do it!
QTA relives his Thanksgiving week. And I'm like a special guest star. Awww.

kate winslet
Reuters A look at Kate Winslet's fear of playing 'a normal British woman' in The Holiday.
Hot Blog on the possibility of a Little Children "comeback" in the works
OMG Blog gawks at the nude romp of Patrick Wilson & Kate Winslet in Little Children. NSFW (duh)


RC said...

it does seem like the little children love is dwindling.


Robb said...

Louise Brooks is an under rated goddess.

Beau said...

Little Children was rather disappointing to me. I can't speak on others behalfs, but for me, I didn't feel it measured up to the brilliant novel.

Though I do love a Patrick Wilson backside shot.

jbnyc said...

So I went up to the Lincoln Ctr Barnes and Noble the afternoon Ellen was there doing a Q&A and signing books. Just think she's amazing.

So, when I get up to her this stupid woman in front of me starts monopolizing her in this way that's kind of, well, just that way when they don't know when it's time to move along. Then there are all the freaks who buy multiple copies with autographs to sell later on the internet. Then when she signs my book, because the line's backing up because of the stupid woman in front of me, I just go, "I'm really looking forward to reading this". Lame. But it's a great book. Very honest in what she reveals. And some nice stories along the way. She's a deeply spiritual person and it comes across in her presence and, to a degree, in her honest and heartfelt performances. I really think The Exorcist could have been a much lesser film if it weren't for Ellen's carrying it. If Audrey Hepburn (she was Warner's first choice) were to actually play Chris MacNeil? Can you imagine? Holly Golightly meets Regan? I don't think so.

So, I have to say that I was quite upset to see that The Wicker Man was such an ugly mess of a movie. She's the only reason I went to see it. And, I really hate to say it, but a rather embarrassing role/performance. But it's not like I was gonna tell her that, right? Don't worry Ellen, you're still tops in my book.