Friday, November 03, 2006

Links, When I'm Lazy

Wired offers "very short stories" --in just six words from famous people. Some of which are completely awesome. My favorite is naturally the one from the almighty Joss Whedon! [src]

New Poll up at the main site. What's your fav Jack Nicholson performance?
Hollywood Elsewhere SPC's Oscar campaign for Curse of the Golden Flower. Their hopes are high. As are mine. I love me some Gong Li and Zhang Yimou (as previously noted)
Zoom-In interviews Spike Lee's frequent editor Sam Pollard. I love reading (and conducting) interviews with editors --maybe it's a personal bias (since I love the process) but they seem like the smartest of film craftsmen.

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Pen15 Club on big 'mo Neil Patrick Harris, who is disappointingly trying to reinforce that drafty closet UPDATE: That was his publicist that was trying to shut him in. The former Doogie Howser is now speaking out and is, therefore, out. Good for him. I'm not a big fan of his current show How I Met Your Mother but he was great in the Sondheim revival Assassins recently and too funny in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle as well. His boyfriend is a stage actor who hails from Michigan (like moi) and was superb in the Off Broadway production of Edward Albee's The Play About The Baby. Hopefully they can give Riechen and Lance a run for their money. They're cuter & 100 times more talented!
Center of Gravitas on why you have to vote.
Queerty gets slightly optimistic (sarcastically I hope?) about the GOP. Fueling hatred and reinforcing ignorance is their whole m.o. -- don't be fooled by a gentler news cycle. I mean just last week they were trying to humiliate a beloved celebrity with a disease fer christsakes! VOTE


J.J. said...

As an incarnation of one of Jack's seminal characters, I must note the omission of "The Passenger," which would probably get my vote.


yeah. that was my big boo-boo. i meant for it to be there.

Anonymous said...

Nat, if it's any consolation, Neil Patrick Harris is denying that he denied he's gay,26334,1554852,00.html

Anonymous said...

Another vote for The Passenger.

Glenn Dunks said...

THey're making a sequel to Inside Man.

(and my vote goes to Chinatown, but I haven't seen many of those movies unfortunately)

Glenn Dunks said...

and omg Fur, Volver and Babel grades now plz kthnxbye

Anonymous said...

Look here Nat

Anonymous said...

The above was meant to read

mistyh92104 said...

"Passenger" #3. And also "The Crossing Guard". He was so on my short list for that one.