Thursday, November 02, 2006

Win a Thank You For Smoking DVD

UPDATE: CONTEST IS OVER. The winner is Scott in Australia!

He'll receive a DVD of Thank You For Smoking which stars Aaron Eckhard (woof), Maria Bello (owwooo), Katie Holmes (ew), Rob Lowe (yes, him) among many others including Hollywood's favorite post-Haley Joel Osment creepy child, Cameron Bright --you know him as the mutant who was all mutation killing in X3 and as the creepy object of Nicole Kidman's affection in Birth.

I asked contestants to list their favorite smokin' moment from a film. Here were three of my fav responses:
In Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, the Grim Reaper observes someone smoking and says "I'll see you soon." -Suzanne
I know it's a cliche, but how can the best smoking moment in movie history be that great moment from Now, Voyager ? Bette Davis, sailing forth to seek and find (as Whitman says), and Paul Henreid lighting two cigarettes at once, his way of telling her that he sees her as a woman, in a way no one else has. Glorious. -Aaron
My favorite smoking moment from a movie has to be Faye Dunaway's "Secret Storm" scene in Mommie Dearest. She worked the cigarette prop like a pro and the boy actor struggled to keep up. The scene was about Crawford's desperate need for attention and her jealousy of her sad daughter's meager success, but the sheer lunacy of a screen legend of a certain age playing an coy ingenue on a soap opera made it unforgettable. -Sam
Smoking in real life has lost all of its glamour. It's just icky. But in old movies. Ahhhhh, the awesome cinematic of cigarettes!


Anonymous said...

I have no desire to win a copy of this DVD, but I have to say one o my favorite smoking moments is when Winona Ryder lights a smoke off of Christian Slater's exploding corpse in 'Heathers.'


LOL. yes!

Anonymous said...

Haha... re: screen smoking losing its glamour:

My friends and I got hooked on Sex and the City DVDs (great show, but still not sure how it happened... we're all straight). In the early episodes, before Carrie quit smoking, we (all non-smokers, too) would have these marked cigarette cravings. Once she quit, the cravings went away... it took us a while to make the connection. SJP just made it look so glamorous, I think.