Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Song & Dance

Dreamgirls opens tonight albeit at excruciatingly high prices $25 a seat here in Manhattan until Christmas. What is that about? Posting will be light this weekend: gotta get to that movie and shopping blitz. But have a great weekend and enjoy this Friday morning with a vaguely Golden Globe themed musical morning with the following videos!

Clockwise from top left: Globe nominee Toni Collette and The Finish sing "Beautiful Awkward Pictures" [src], Beyoncé in a short clip singing (rather emphatically I might add) one of the original songs for Dreamgirls "Listen", Meryl Streep & Lily Tomlin singing "My Minnesota Home" from the rudely Globe snubbed A Prairie Home Companion and, finally, Devotchka (who sing the Little Miss Sunshine Oscar song candidate) performing "We're Leaving" --great band.

And speaking of leaving. That's what I gots to do. On to that shopping / work / movie blitz.


Glenn Dunks said...

Tell me about it. Today I took an hour-long trainride to the city, did shopping, saw a movie, had lunch with a friend, more shopping, saw another movie, took the one-hour trainride home. All up I was out between 8am to 8.30pm. Crazy.

Yet, the nap I had on the trainride home has meant that I'm not tired now and it's nearly 2am. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Toni really does have a gorgeous voice, doesn't she? Just wish the powers that be in Hollywood would get their collective heads out of their asses, sit up, wake up, and take notice. This woman needs to be in a major movie musical and stat!


Anonymous said...

Apparently, the Dreamgirls opening is bringing back the days of the movie roadshows, hence the higher ticket prices.

I would love to see "Dreamgirls" this weekend, but not enough to warrant paying $25 a ticket when in 10 days, I can see it for half that.

OhMyTrill said...


Anonymous said...

Feel like I'm spamming on here these past couple of days but... that Beyonce clip from the actual movie? If so, on the basis of this alone she deserves the Golden Globe over Streep.


that's crazy talk!

russtifer said...

The Prairie Home clip brings back fond memories of the film. Stupid Globes.

Anonymous said...

At the $25 Dreamgirls event you get:

Experience it Broadway-style in one of only three nation-wide, pre-release special engagements, complete with Dreamgirls merchandise and an elaborate costume display! Event-priced tickets include an exclusive collector's souvenir program and a special edition commemorative Dreamgirls' lithograph available only during this 10-day engagement.

I think that pretty much kind of worth it since where I live ticket prices are an absurd 12.50.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so maybe I was being a tad hyperbolic (!) - but I just think, well, Beyonce has no hope in hell of an acting Oscar nom this year, and Streep is SO in there, so why not share the wealth a bit.

Also, whilst Streep was impressive in Prada, she was on-screen for, like, 10 minutes. And, really, she only had two scenes (when she tells Anne Hathaway's character about the colour cerulean/being teary on the couch in Paris) that were stretching her in anyway. The rest was autopilot Streep for me, I'm afraid.

I do maintain that the only reason Streep has stayed in the race is that she was first out of the gate way back in the depths of summer, in what was a poor poor first half year for the movies. Everyone went a bit crazy and had her locked at that point - for lack of any other quality performances - and so she's stuck around. I'm sure if the film was released in Nov/Dec, her performance, whilst praised, would just not have been thought of in terms of Oscar. Just as was the case with Prime last year.

Anyway, I'm now to stop rambling and to say, Nathaniel, those clips were ace. You are a legend and a gentleman (but I'm sure you knew that already!)