Friday, December 08, 2006

Linker by the Dozen

Gallery of the Absurd with "the Three disGraces" guess who...
Reuters An article about successful women. This headline ---oy. That's their take away? Sexist much?
Savage Cats -interesting piece on that torture scene in Casino Royale
Film Ick with your first look at Daniel Craig as "Lord Asriel"
Adam has a good piece on Marie Antoinette
Defender of the Future optimistic on Iron Man
First Showing interesting (potential) project for Little Miss Sunshine team
Reverse Shot agrees with that NBR "Best Picture" decision
Mainly Movies has a rough week w/ Christmas's leading ladies
Andy Horbal held a blog-a-thon on film criticism. Very cool. I wanted to participate... I had a lot to say although it might not have been very coherent. But that vacation got in the way.

And three pieces on Dreamgirls for you...
Andy at Bravo on the premiere. But you should know that Moulin Rouge! @ the Ziegfeld a similar reaction so it's not unprecedented like he thinks.
ModFab on Dreamgirls. And he is telling you...
Pen15 JHud knows where the bread is buttered.


Anonymous said...

Nat, for the love of God, can we please have your review for 'Notes of a scandal'?????
I have been waiting for it for two weeks now and am dismally disappointed it is not up yet as I thought it would be on friday :(:(:(

Jason Adams said...

oh christ, that pic of Daniel Craig yum...


the NOTES review will be up tomorrow. hold yer horses. it doesn't even come out for three weeks!

adam k. said...

I have just started reading the book of Notes... will probably finish it before I can see the movie. It's really enjoyable. So deliciously juicy.

Nat, I noticed that you said "linker by the dozen" and then gave us 13 (not 12) links. That annoyed me, until I realized my blog was #13. Yay! (p.s. soon it will have better name)