Monday, December 04, 2006

The (Mostly) Unseen Contenders of '06: The Pursuit of Happyness


Release Date
: December 15th

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some language

Ten Words Or Less
: Will and Junior get poor...then get jiggy with it.

Reason For Existence: Excuse me, sir: Will Smith would like an Oscar, please.

Mathematical Equation: Wall Street + Men in Black / Seabiscuit

Take A Look
: Grab a hanky (it's gooey)

Early Buzz (Good)
: "The story would be hard to take if it was completely made up, but since apparently it really happened it makes for a thrilling story to watch him overcome the odds, and the test screening audience actually applauded his victories." - Vern, Ain't It Cool News

Early Buzz (Bad)
: "There's a couple points where I thought it got a little corny though. I hope they cut out the part where he tells his son not to play basketball then suddenly scolds him to 'Never let anyone tell you you can't do something - not even me.'" - Vern, Ain't It Cool News

Oscar Locks: None

In The Running: Best Actor (Will Smith)

Long Shots
: Well, theoretically, we're all longshots. Isn't that the point of the movie?

Completely Irrelevant Best Picture Odds
: 25-1

Why It's Essential
: That kid is friggin' adorable!

The Achilles Heel
: The trailer reeks of gushy melodrama; screenwriter Steve Conrad (The Weather Man) and director Gabriele Muccino (L'Ultimo Bacio) do not instill confidence.

The Verdict
: A crowdpleaser so sweet the trailer can give you cavities...and having Smith's own son as his co-star is a market-friendly move. There's a long history of these getting love from the Academy (Chocolat is the first that painfully comes to mind). But if it lacks gravitas, it'll have little but its star to keep it alive in the Oscar race.

[Modern Fabulousity]


adam k. said...

Are these best picture odds for the win or just the nomination?

I actually think this looks kind of good... we'll see...

Anonymous said...

You aren't alone Adam, in thinking this looks kinda good.
I guess I'm just a sucker for this sort of thing?

Anonymous said...

Adam, I am using a highly scientific method for setting my Oscar which I mean, I am spinning a big wheel and screaming "no whammies!", and whatever number comes up, I put down. (Actually, the idea of an Oscar odds at this point, before even the NBR, seems ludicrous to me...hope it's humorous, though.)

Lucas Dantas said...

I just watched its trailer and Jesus, it desperately screams oscar! All the buzz Smith is getting hurts me painfully, especially now that oprah loves it and will probably get him the oscar. [lol.. im being very pessimist here.]

Nick M. said...

That insufferable trailer does not scream "Oscar"-- it shrieks "maudlin crap."

Hopefully those phrases are not completely synonymous (despite how often I disapprove of the Academy's picks, I trust that they will not fall for this nonsense), but I suppose we will see in the upcoming months.

Anonymous said...

If Peter O'Toole loses the Oscar for the 8th time to Will Smith in The Pursuit of Shittyness, I really don't know what I would do. This, in the wake of the Brokeback fiasco, would be too much to bear. It's like I'd have to question my faith in the House of Oscar - everything I've built my life upon will be thrown into question...

Anonymous said...

I can see it now:
Peter O'Toole loses to Will Smith and Helen Mirren loses to Beyonce!

Glenn Dunks said...

Is Peter O'Toole even that good?

Anyway, as Davey said, it also reminded me of those sort of 1970s/80s dramas such as Kramer vs Kramer and Ordinary People.

Anonymous said...

"Well, theoretically, we're all longshots. Isn't that the point of the movie?"

Brilliant! Thanks ModFab, I'm loving this series.