Friday, October 26, 2007

20:07 (Dream Lover)

screenshots from the 20th minute and 7th second of a movie
I can't guarantee the same results at home (different players/timing) I use a VLC

On your feet soldier. I love you Sarah. I always will
(If memory serves this scene is not in the original film. But here it is in the DVD at the 20:07 mark. Damn those special editions!)


SeangSTM said...

Terminator 2: Judgement Day - The Director's Cut...

...when Sarah has her FIRST dream of Judgement Day in the original film. :)

Sweet choice.

Glenn Dunks said...

One of the few times when I prefer the director's cut. It just adds something, don't you think.


well it definitely adds

anyway... what happens is i almost never remember what it was like before the new cuts which is why they frustrate me. except in the case of LoTR films when I definitely know which I prefer (FELLOWSHIP -the extended edition for sure. TWO TOWERS -the theatrical for sure. ROTK... i still haven't watched the extended!!!)