Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jumper and Streamer

February action flicks aren't usually my thing (if its an action flick @ Valentines you gotta worry the powers that be feel it's not strong enough to survive summer's blockbuster throwdowns) but I checked out this Jumper trailer on account of research I was doing for an audition I had for a talking head gig on some cable movie show (cross your fingers. or not)

<-- Careful Hayden. Don't get that scenery stuck in your teeth.

Or I tried to. I despise streaming video. Why do sites use it? Jumper is jumping itself. Watching streaming video is akin to covering your eyes with your fingers and allowing yourself a freeze frame peak now and then --1 frame per second when it's supposed to be 24 damn you studio fools! But it's worse than that. A friend should be covering your ears while you cover your eyes, allowing you only intermittent blasts of sound... that aren't in sync with the images. I have high speed internet action and I'm still living in staccato motion land. The technology sucks. Blah. Give me Quicktime that's fully loadable before you watch every time. It's sad when YouTube quality video is better than official site videos from multi billion dollar corporations.

Anyway. From what I can make out, Jumper is about genetic anomalies that allow hot young men of wildy disparate acting skill* to teleport. Mace Windu ditches his lightsaber but brings other cool looking gadgets to do battle with the jumpers... in Egypt and elsewhere. I'm not sure.

But I'll probably see it. If only for the joy of watching Jamie Bell blow the others off the screen.... and that includes you Mr. Jackson (though you did do some creative recharging on Black Snake Moan. Good on you. More please)

*[Olympic Acting Scores: Hayden Christensen: 3.1 Jamie Bell: perfect 6.0 across the board but for Canada --they're rooting for Hayden]


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that Lakeview Terrace with Kerry Washington and Sam Jackson is at least decent.

I'll be seeing Jumper.


Is Marie Antoinette worth watching? I've never seen it. It comes on Starz Saturday. I know Ebert liked it, but it got booed at Cannes.

c.p. iñor said...

Marie Antoinette is amazing!!!

Marie Antoinette is gorgeous!!!

Marie Antoinette is fun!!!

Marie Antoinette is absoluteley worth watching!!!!

c.p. iñor said...

p.s. I love Marie Antoinette btw.

Anonymous said...

sorry, but even from the trailer hayden looks horrible. and he really is so cute too!

Anonymous said...

i mean his acting btw.

Glenn Dunks said...


you lost me at Jamie.


Lisa if you're asking about MA you weren't around last year so here is my 2006 Year in Review

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nat, I'll watch Saturday. I just wasn't sure and I didn't want to waste my time.

Anonymous said...

Nat you are so right Jamie Bell si going to low Hayden away.

By the way check out Hallem Foe...A-M-A-Z-I-N-G


well MA requires your full attention to work any magic. It's not something you can fade in and out of like some movies on television (i always worry about movies on television --some movies just can't survive home intrusions with their impact intact)

another one i love that i think might be impossible to fully appreciate at home (if you are the type that stops the DVD or wanders in and out of room) is DUCK SEASON. it really requires patience for its humor and emotional buildup