Monday, October 01, 2007

Sweet Links Are Made of These

Submarine Channel features a fine title sequence from the upcoming Love in the Time of Cholera [src] --it's floral themed like Volver's closing credits but with a lighter earthier spirit
Hollywood Elsewhere hears very good and rather specific buzz on Enchanted. A must read hope for Amy Adams fan
Gallery of the Absurd an Oscar-tastic Pedro Almodovar painting
Projectionist a backwards glance at Sideways
StinkyLulu Supporting Actress 1990. Big hair. Fractious opinions
Flickhead Luis Bunuel blog-a-thon is now over.
Kellee Laser not the type o' thing I'd usually link to but this children's photographer was inspired by a Pfeiffer flick. All things Pfeiffer-related (however tangentially so) find me somehow

I'm so trying this gadget out --only in a more MPAA friendly way
The Rec Show draws dirty pictures involving Eastern Promises and the upcoming Sex & The City movie

<--- And a little bit o' Annie ...ok, a whole lotta Annie (Lennox)
Modern Fabulousity a whole slew of posts about the one and only Annie Lennox
Queerty Annie Lennox brutal honesty when questioned about dance remixes
Radio Allegro Gabriel and I gab about why we love this woman so much. Plus: tracks from her new album
Annie Lennox official site for news and the new single "Dark Road"


Anonymous said...

That Sketchcast gizmo was MADE for dirty pictures, and I will not stop until I have thoroughly and artistically rendered every sex organ on planet Earth.

However, since you love Annie as much as I do, I shall grudgingly forgive.


you know the funny thing is the second i started brainstorming on topics, dirty pictures starting working their way in!!!

c.p. iñor said...

Wow, great Bunuel blogathon. I dindn't heard of it before.

I love him... and I love Viridiana!

Anonymous said...

Please let the hype about Amy Adams be true - would be a lovely addition to what is shaping up to be a HOT Best Actress year.

Anonymous said...

*bows to Nathaniel* THANK YOU for the link to Annie's official website! I have been listening to Dark Road for something like 2 hours now and am absolutely hypnotized by it. This is my next must-have CD - brilliant.

I think it's a very smart move btw to play the entire song (and it plays on a loop), and not just the meagre 15-second clip that most artist websites play (if that), from which you can't possibly judge the song as a whole. And, it's smart too because I am one of the many who no longer listen to commercial radio and am not likely to hear the song anywhere else but the internet. Hearing the entire song I'm completely determined to get my hands on the CD when it comes out. More musicians/singers should follow Annie's example in their marketing.


Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Annie sure looks good ...