Monday, February 08, 2010

2009 Is So Last Year


JA from MNPP here with a quick question: Have y'all seen the best film of 2010 yet? In the alternate universe that is my understanding of the world, Andrea Arnold's fantastic Fish Tank has unseated all the Avatars and Dear Johns and rules the box office with an iron fist. Michael Fassbender's droopy drawers for the win! If you're outside of the US this doesn't much make sense as the film's been out in other countries for a bit, but here in the US the film's been rolling out across the country here just in the past few weeks, and started playing on IFC On Demand on January 27th. So nobody's got any excuses at this point for not having seen it. Nobody! I've seen it three times now and find new things to love each time. Looking better and better each time is Kierston Wareing's performance as Mia's repellently self-involved mother, for one.

That film aside, though, what else have we seen lately?
What's been your favorite movie of the New Year so far?


billybil said...

You probably know by now that it won the Evening Standard best film!

Alex said...

This film won the jury prize at Cannes Festival Last year... I find Michael Fassbender to be an excellent talent in everything he's done in 2009!... therefore 2009 is so no last year for me, yet, lol!

RossJacob said...

I saw Fish Tank last weekend and holy shit it was GORGEOUS, a supremely Hard Candy affair... Michael Fassbender is a god and Katie Jarvis was flawless. Apparently they asked her to audition after witnessing a fight between her and her boyfriend at a subway station

George P. said...

Sadly, I've only seen one 2010 film so far, and that was a bootleg of "Leap Year".

If we were counting 2009 releases that I finally saw this year, then the best would be "The Road" or "A Serious Man".