Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Handful of Link

Reel Geezers on Avatar. I haven't watched this one yet but the real geezers are worth watching.
Tribeca Film Sandy/Streep face-off & the other acting races. By moi.
Movie Dearest on the Best Original Song nominees. Sing Out Louise Kirby!
New Yorker "talk of the town" And the Oscar Goes To...
In Contention Guy Lodge hits the Berlinale
Coming Soon Glenn Close to star in The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs, a gender-bending costume drama, which starts filming in July. Maybe she's not done searching for that missing Oscar yet. March 2011 or 2012 here she comes???
The Root on the history of African Americans and the Oscars from Hattie McDaniel to Precious


Anonymous said...


brandz said...

i agree with your assessment of the Streep vs Bullock race. never count Meryl out. as you said, the Academy has not honored Streep in her later career. i would just point out they have had so many chances. what's it gonna take?

Anonymous said...

Pattinson was interviewed by Jenny Lumet for Details magazine. Lumet is a brilliant writer and she really shines in the editorial. Its a very good, entertaining read.

Plus those pics with the naked models are hot!!

adam k. said...

I'd like to think Streep can win this year, but I don't see it happening. The Blind Side best pic nom is troubling. Oscar seems to be taking the film seriously.

With the BFCA, you could say "oh whatever, it was a tie, they're just covering all their bases so they can say they predicted it right, no matter what happens." With the globes, there was the excuse that "hey, it's the globes, they love stars and box office, and Meryl won her category anyway". With the SAGs, it was "well, Meryl won this last year, and besides, it's SAG, there are tens of thousands of them, it's a total popularity contest." So Meryl still seemed to be in it.

But then that best pic nom came, and it seems now that no more excuses can be made for why Bullock keeps winning; she's winning because people actually like the film, and LOVE her. She's in it to win it.

Even when Streep seemed like the frontrunner, I had my doubts. It never seemed like an oscar-winning role, and I figured they'd find some excuse not to vote for her. Now they have one. A great one. It won't even seem suspicious. This will always and forever be "Bullock's year." She just feels like the winner to me.

And what's more, I'm almost even kinda rooting for her now. I get why people are voting for her. It makes you feel good.

That says it all.



Rebecca said...

That article at 'The Root' is interesting, especially re: Denzel's win for 'Training Day'. I always found the criticism of that win (and there were also criticisms of him even playing the role of a corrupt cop) a little suspect, like he hasn't played enough noble heroes, and he's supposed to be limited to only playing virtuous characters, while white actors can play whoever they want? I mean, Oscar is kind of obsessed with charismatic villains, it's not like they only ever rewarded Denzel Washington for playing that type.


Rebecca agreed. That's an example of how the Academy really can't win.

They L-O-V-E the charismatic villain. And, what's more that song that berates them for that win is incorrect because Denzel had already won an Oscar for one of his "noble hero" roles.