Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nine Still Exists. Pe & Marion 'Take It All'.

What must it be like to continually be on the promo circuit for a movie so brutally greeted as Nine? Sure Marion Cotillard and Penélope Cruz won raves that the film, so they can hold their heads up. But it's probably tough going anyway, right? Like writing thank you cards for wedding gifts after an anullment. The movie just opened in Paris and only Marion, Pe and DDL were on hand. They used to get the entire cast for these premieres. They're dropping off.

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Nine Things They Might Be Thinking At This Very Moment

Marion: Zees ees mauvais color pour toi.

Penélope: tengo hambre

M: Pairs figure skating. We could totally do it. Check our sparkly accents.

P: Lars von Trier?!? A dios mios. ¿Qué estaba pensando yo?

M: Salope a piqué ma nomination à l'Oscar.

M: This promo tour is endless...

it's time to leave, if i'm to live,
because I have no more... there's nothing left to give

P: Mmmm, Javier.

Mmmm, Javier.

March 8th can't come soon enough. Guiiiiido, Ciao!


mrripley said...

I know cruz is hot now and deserved her oscar for vcb and nomination for volver but for nine no way and at the expense of the best performance and the only real performance in the mess that was nine - miss marion cotillard.

Anonymous said...

I agree with mrrrrrrripley!

Randy said...
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Randy said...

I absolutely love Nine, and I love them both, and I am extremely, I mean, extremely picky in movies and in love. I end up subconsciously reprising 'My husband makes movies' almost every day and I put full volume on for 'The Call from the Vatican' whenever sadness creeps upon me. I also love Broken Embraces equally as much as Volver. Nonconformity that is.

Jim T said...

I am picky too and I liked Nine as well. But 'Vatican' seemed boring to me. And I don't see how Cruz was better than La Dench.

Jim T said...

Nathaniel, do you speak French and Spanish?! Or did you just use a google engine or something? :p

Iggy said...

At least in Paris they were two, in Madrid None.

And just to nitpick, because it seems I'm religious today, ha. It's "Dios mío" without the final "s" in "mío". You know, Dios is just one and only and all that.
But that was so funny.

Michael B. said...

If Penelope was to get a Supporting Oscar Nomination this year, it should have been for Broken Embraces and not Nine.

Seeking Amy said...

I love Penelope, and I have no problem with her nomination. She's better than Maggie or Anna anyway.

City_Of_Lights said...

It seemed like they were getting the European stars for the European premieres. I didn't know Madrid had one so I didn't know none of them came. I enjoyed Nine but didn't love it, only Marion and Nicole stood out for me in the songs and in their characters. Everyone else was too predictable. Penelope should have been nominated for BE and Marion for Nine and all would be right.

Derreck said...

well, at least they're both looking beautiful.

yeah, i agree with Mr. Ripley too. If Marion didn't compete for best actress, she would've had Penelope's spot, which she deserved. She didn't have a chance in hell at winning any category though.

I'm kinda bummed how Nine went down in flames. The music numbers were all so decent but the movie overall wasn't. I'm still pissed how they cut up 'Unusual Way' which totally worked against Nicole.

and screw it, but i loved Cinema Italiano. Superficial song, but so catchy and exuberantly performed. 'Take It All' deserved the nom tough. Heck, i still listen to the soundtrack other than DDL's and Dench's numbers.

jesse said...

Just so you know, "salope" is a tad bit harscher than "bitch"... it's actually very harsch


Jim T -- i understand a smidgeon of French. But otherwise it's google translate and close friends (The Boyfriend speaks French and the BFF's first language is Spanish)

i am however a dumb American with only English fluency and one broken ability in foreign language (Norwegian) and one beginner ability (French)

I wish i'd started learning foreign languages years ago. PLEASE NOTE: If you are young, start studying foreign languages NOW. you will never regret it. not time wasted ever.

Glenn Dunks said...

I noticed it during the SAG awards actually. It must be tough to stand up there in front a crowd that you know, by then, is just not that interested.

As for the film, I think it had some great moments (the opening, the closing, Marion's moments, Pene's rejection, "Be Italian") but it just didn't gel together well enough - DDL and Rob Marshall are to blame for that - and I just wish those characters would have started singing in real life, not move to a stage. All of those numbers could be organically started.

Anonymous said...

Glenn pretty much sums up my biggest problem with NINE. You're working with 8 1/2 as inspiration, why would you keep it bound to the stage when it's screaming to be surreally cinematic? I think that's why the overture and especially the finale work so well. Those moments aren't burdened by having to conform to Marshall's conceit since they're already on the stage (why can't people spontaneously burst into song in a musical again?), and they get that arty spark the rest of the movie just lacks.

That being said, for all its glaring flaws and under utilization of talent, I actually liked the film (maybe I should say I didn't mind it). The women make it work. And I can't fault any film that turns my Nicole into a goddess. Cotillard gets best in show, but for me Kidman got the single best moment in the thing when her entrance (and that kiss) kicked off the overture. Can she and Day-Lewis PLEASE get together again soon?


jimmy said...

i found sitting through NINE to be painful. I would have left, but a pal invited me to a screening.

Kit van Cleave said...

Cruz and Cotillard are very much alike; they achieved fame at an early age in their native countries. Cruz also speaks French fluently. They are about the same age. They are also both loyal in promoting the movies they make, knowing that their attendance will bring out international press, and keep the film talked about.

Class always tells; you'll find no competition between these two ladies, both of whom are notable artists. I still think NINE would have been in even more trouble without Cotillard; any one of several women could have played Carla. My nod is to Marion for best performance.

Yancey said...

That is sad that they're left to carry the torch for a poorly received film. It's not their faults. Marion Cotillard was excellent and should have been nominated, and at least Penelope Cruz was memorable in a showy role. Yes, hold your heads up high girls, and in Marion's case, get yourself a headlining spot in a musical of your own pronto!