Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kiss Me Kathryn

Here's the lovely Kathryn Grayson singing "You, The Waltz and I" from Seven Sweethearts (1942). She died yesterday in Los Angeles at 88.

The Grayson performance I've seen most often is her ornery stage star 'Lilli Vanessi' from her penultimate film, the 3D musical Kiss Me Kate (1953). No, James Cameron didn't invent 3D. If I recall correctly Kathryn does throws things at the screen during her temper tantrums. She even made a blink and you'll miss her cameo in my diva loving music video "She's a B****".

<-- Ann Miller and Grayson in Kiss Me Kate (1953)

I have only seen a handful of her films -- including the Gene Kelly musicals of course -- but I'm always sad when the golden age performers go. Especially the singing stars. Sigh. We shan't see their like again. We definitely shan't hear the likes of Grayson again... since this style of soprano singing is only heard nowadays when someone pops in a Snow White DVD. That wasn't Kathryn's voice... I'm just saying.

Rest in peace, Kathryn. And thank you for the musicals.


Cinesnatch said...

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Jim T said...

off topic: The trailer for I Am Love is here:

OtherRobert said...

God, I love her voice so much. I love this whole era of musicals for really taking the time to cast someone who could sing, or at least have the decency to dub a big name with someone that could sing. I think I'll be sending that YouTube link to my Hope in Anything Goes who is really trying to hold back her vibrato for fear of sounding too old-fashioned. In Anything Goes. Sigh.


vatz -- don't you know it.

otherrobert -- that's so sad! but yeah... when resurrecting the oldies but goodies, why not celebrate past styles?

Will said...

Very sad news, she was a very lovely lady. Another star of the Golden Age is gone, unfortunately soon that era will be gone for ever.
R.I.P. Ms. Grayson - thank you and goodbye...

Pablete said...


Many thanks to those wise movie distributors that keep presenting the classics in the newest formats, so younger generations may appreciate the excellence of Hollywood's Golden Age!