Sunday, February 28, 2010

Best Costume Design and More...

It's Eye Candy weekend

Do you have a favorite horse in the Costume Design race? Sandy Powell (The Young Victoria) and Colleen Atwood (Nine) are facing off yet again. They both have 8 nominations and 2 wins behind them. The elaborate rags of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and two movies with self-made fashionistas as protagonists (Coco Before Chanel and Bright Star) are also in the running. I've whipped up a gallery for your edification. So, why don't you take a looksie and then vote in the poll. And if you love this sort of thing (and you should!) you can also see my personal ballot (and medalists).

I'm assuming that The Young Victoria will take the Oscar because, the beauty of its costume aside for a moment, Royalty Porn nearly always triumphs in this category. Royalty Porn is to this category what psycho killers are to Supporting Actor and what longsuffering girlfriend/spouse is to Supporting Actress and what DeGlam is for Best Actress (though not so much this year). In other words, it's their drug of choice.

P.S. An interview with my favorite working costume designer is coming up soon!

P.P.S. New readers choice polls require your attention, too: Director, Original Score, Cinematography. You can see how the collective polls for the major categories are shaping up right here ...and there's only a few days left to vote on all of them.


Jude said...

Bright Star HAS to win this. The costumes aren't just pretty they're also important!

ak said...

I can't believe Harry Potter is leading in the Cinematography poll!! That movie was the most gorgeous one yet. I just reimagine the shot at the end where they are standing on a balcony of some sort and the phoenix is flying against the setting sun. Breathtaking

eduardo said...

In a perfect world Bright Star should win easily. Patterson not only creates nice dresses, she creates pieces that become a very important part of the movie. And they're simply breathtaking

Glenn said...

I actually think Coco avant Chanel could win the Oscar. The main reason being that the words "Coco" and "Chanel" are in the title and since most voters won't have seen any of these nominees (well, Nine is the highest grossing nominee at $19m so it's a fair assumption) and if people see those words on a ballot they'll assume it has great costumes and tick the box.

Having said that, if The Young Victoria wins it'll be the least surprising award of the night (not including the actors) and also incredibly disappointing.