Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hot Link Injection

I Need My Fix pics from the Shutter Island premiere. Scorsese gets the stars out
Worth 1000 "Mate a Movie" contest. Fun entries my favorites being Lt. Aldo Raine of the Na'Vi tribe and a Coen Bros/ The Wolfman mash-up
/Film An Avatar novel to tide you over until the sequel?
Studio Daily Lance Acord, one of the best living cinematographers (Where The Wild Things Are, Marie Antoinette), speaks
In Contention concludes its annual opinionated shots of the year column
MTV Movies Oren Moverman (The Messenger) moving on from depressed soldiers to depressed rock stars. A Kurt Cobain biopic is next
Upper Playground 'The Lost Art of Inglourious Basterds'. Mmmm, movie artwork.

Finally, today is Molly Ringwald's birthday -- happy 42 -- and since I grew up idolizing her (ohhh, the 80s!) I had to share this great print celebrating The Breakfast Club. It's going for $10 a pop. Isn't it fine?

I should also note that the Oscars will have a tribute to John Hughes this year. That should be fun but I think it's kind of a bummer that the BFCA already went there. And it's a little suspect since I remember my young self being h-o-r-r-i-f-i-e-d when they passed Mr. Hughes over for screenplay nominations for this immortal film. Among others. He was never nominated for an Oscar.


Jude said...

I always loved the basket-case the most. What about you guys?


when i was young i was totally into both Ally & Molly. i could never choose. Give me both princess and basket-case... or better yet, make the princess a basket case!

John T said...

Do you think they'll get the cast of the Breakfast Club to present the tribute? I think that's about the only way I think it'll work-otherwise (all due respect), Hughes isn't in the same league cinematically as Ingmar Bergman, Billy Wilder, and even Paul Newman, none of which received special Academy tributes.

Cinesnatch said...

1984 Original Screenplay:
Places in the Heart/Splash/Beverly Hills Cop/El Norte/Broadway Danny Rose

1985 Original Screenplay:
Witness/Back to the Future/Brazil/ The Official Story/ The Purple Rose of Cairo


vatz -- see and they even went for populist stuff! But no Hughes. I'm confused about him getting a tribute when Lauren freaking Bacall can't get on air.

DanKahn said...

Those posters were hilarious!