Monday, February 08, 2010

Off With Your Head!

Press play. It magically provides your soundtrack for this post.

Four hundred and twenty-three years ago this very day, Queen Elizabeth had the deed done.
Mary Queen of Scots' head would roll. Which in movie-land means that Cate Blanchett (at her most blustery) ordered Samantha Morton right out of her own movie, Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Such a shame since that movie really needed another actress capable of going head-to-head (I apologize!) with the diva at its center.

Lords knows Abbie Cornish wasn't doing it. I'm so pleased that she rocked Bright Star, thoroughly redeeming herself after that early "what's the fuss?" stage.

Anyway, my point is this: I l o v e Samantha Morton. Don't you?

And I hate it when people I love or people I'm totally curious about are suddenly written out of the movie I'm watching. Has that ever happened to you?

You may be asking yourself "Why the hell is Nathaniel talking about decapitations?" and that's a perfectly sensible question. But you'd be thinking gory thoughts too if you'd just watch The Wolfman (more on that Thursday) which loves to separate heads from bodies. Ewww.

P.S. I want Karen O to score more movies. Awesomeness
P.P.S. Even though I realize now that Helena Bonham-Carter is playing the Red Queen rather than the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland I'm glad she screams "Off with her head". You shouldn't mess with the classics.
P.P.P.S. I apologize for bringing up Elizabeth: The Golden Age. So uncalled for!


John T said...

I'm thinking I had a similar experience to Nathaniel with Children of Men-I get why the goddess redhead was dropped, but I was hoping for a little more time.

Then again, that's like the best movie of the decade, so I suppose I should just count my blessings and shut up.

Travis said...

I concur: More Karen O!!!

Casey said...

you havent seen alice in wonderland yet have you nathaniel?

Anthony Mai said...

Yes, I would have been great to see more of Samantha Morton in Elizabeth: The Golden Age! But I still enjoyed the movie. I watched it alongside with original, and I liked the sequel a lot more! I thought Elizabeth moved a lot slower.

Nathaniel: Did you like either movie?

joy said...

It's very fitting to mention Elizabeth: The Golden Age, since Helena Bonham Carter is playing Queen Elizabeth in The King's Speech... Seems like a baity project for Colin Firth.

Stephanie SeRine Photography said...

We had to watch Elizabeth in my history class in high school. I almost started crying right in front of my teacher.

Glenn said...

That was very rude, Nathaniel. Bringing up The Golden Age like that. At least you apologised.

Unknown said...

John T, nice to see another person who went Children for film of the decade. Nice.

Michael Parsons said...

Samantha ruled that movie, too bad it was not about her.

Robert said...

Please let there be more Karen O!

Agustin said...

you should add soundtracks to your future posts!

Anonymous said...

ralph fiennes in the hurt locker =( .. sad to see him go