Sunday, February 07, 2010

Say What, Bullock?

omg you guys -- I totally forgot about this caption contest. I am such a scatterbrain. But since Kathryn Bigelow and Sandra Bullock are still big stories, I thought 'better late than never'. There were a lot of Oscar jokes in your captions for this photo of Bullock and Bigelow at the BFCA awards so in the end I couldn't name any of them winner.

I have to give two runner up honorable mentions for 'obscure podcast joke reference' (Jim T) and 'meanest entry' (Tia)

[drumroll] and the winner is Ian, with the simplest but funniest joke.

Oh, you know that Kathryn Bigelow is getting all sorts of questionable offers like this lately. Choose wisely Queen of Directors.


Hofverberg said...

ooh. Great winner, but I am so mad at myself being so unoriginal making an Oscar Joke :(

Jim T said...

Honorable mention! Now I know that when they say "it's an honour to just be nominated", they mean it. :)

Anonymous said...

hey, the Sexy Locker's fans might like this pic:

adam k. said...

I still say the "James Cameron = lesbian" banter is the best, simply because it fits BOTH their expressions so perfectly. The actual joke is just icing. You go, Jim T!

But "Speed 3!" is pretty excellent as well. And infinitely more plausible as an actual scenario.

Unknown said...

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