Monday, February 15, 2010

La Academia.

Jose here.

- Cast and crew of Celda 211 -

If you think Oscar announcers make too many unnecessary remarks and mention damn useless trivia -the winner loved yellow minivans growing up- but still couldn't live without them, you would have fallen in love with the announcer for the Goya Awards.

The Spanish Academy presented its awards for the best of 2009 in a lavish, commercial free, ceremony last night where prison drama Celda 211 swept with eight Goyas including Best Picture, Director, Actor and Supporting Actress followed closely by Alejandro Amenábar's Agora which won most of the techs.

But if you were judging from what the announcer had to say you wouldn't have had an inkling of what was going on as the winners took the stage.
Like a gossipy insider he told us everything that would've otherwise been delivered only through whispers.

When Raúl Arévalo won Best Supporting Actor for Gordos the shocked announcer made us aware of the fact that nobody thought he would win after which he proceeded to describe him as the Spanish Sean Penn for his looks and versatility.

Then when Pedro Almodóvar took the stage to present Best Picture (in one of the night's most surprising moments) the announcer didn't hesitate to point out how Pedro had been snubbing the Academy for years and this could mean he was trying to make peace with them.
Pedro did him justice and after receiving a standing ovation showed off his diva side by stating that Academy president Alex de la Iglesia had practically begged him to make an appearance by stating how he would attend the Oscars and neglected his own country.
He then stated how he would've liked to win Best Original screenplay (one of the awards Broken Embraces was up for) but had been told in advance he'd lose.
Gotta love his honesty...

But of course both the announcer and the camera crew had a ball with Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem. The secretive couple made their first public appearance together after almost three years of beginning their relationship.
They walked the red carpet separately but sat next to each other in the front row (both of them were presenters and Javier got such loud applauding you would've thought he'd won something).
They conspicuously disappeared for long parts of the show, leaving empty seats between Jordi Mollá and Lola Dueñas (who won best actress for Yo También) and I'm sure if the announcer had known what they were doing he wouldn't have hesitated to let us know.

Anyone else spent their Valentine's Day with Spanish cinema? If so, what did you think of the winners and the ceremony? Happy to see Pedro in good favor with his national academy? Are you expecting Pe to bring Javier to the Oscars?


ZiZo said...

I did, it was a good show, the best ever because generally they are ridiculous (But last year's Breakthrough Actress speech by Nerea Camacho was so sweet and beautiful).


Yay for Lola Duenas. I still need to see that movie. so cool that Penelope and Javier are finally willing to be seen together.

CrazyCris said...

Damn! I meant to watch that last night but totally forgot when I popped District 9 in the dvd player... :p

And I still have to go see Celda 211...

Anonymous said...

I think that Marta Etura (best supporting actress for Celda 211) doesn't deserve the Goya, because she only appears on the movie 2 minutes.
Daniel Monzón isn´t better than Amenábar.
Agora is one of the best movies of 2009 (or 2010 worldwide).
I'm happy but too much.

Sara said...

The British awards always make me uncomfortable because the presenters and such always go pretty hardcore with the nationalism. But the Spanish Oscars sound fantastic, especially the announcer!

Unknown said...

Agora looks like a Hollywood film, and Spanish Academy doesn't like it. I hope Agora arrives soon to USA and you enjoy it and enjoy Rachel.

Gordos is very funny and different than usual comedies. Like spanish, I can't uderstand why Broken Embraces is snubbed, why almodovar is always snubed in his own country.
I think that if the godfather were directed by Almodovar the film will be snubed in the spanish Academy...

Noecito said...

I totally agree with Miguelón, Almodóvar should have won everything! Broken Embraces is the best Spanish film of the year followed closely by Tres dies amb la família, needless to say I was very happy when Mar Coll won best new director...
And that's a difference between Goyas and Oscars, here in Spain they acknowledge female directors.

Iggy said...

Ha, it's true, the speaker's comments were... as if he was the only person found to do that job, regarless of what he knew about movies and actors. ¿Lola Dueñas a surprising winner? ¿Really? I guess he expected Cruz'd win just because she won last year.

I mentioned it in another thread, but despite the general consensus on this one being the best telecast ever, I felt it was too long when in fact it wasn't. I don't understand why airing the show without commercials should equal getting away with the delayed for edition telecast. Had it been edited and with no commercials it'd have been a 2 hour show.

For me, the most embarrassing moments were:

- The attempt at singing and dancing at the beginning. If you go musical Hollywood style, do it unashamedly, and if you go parodic, do it unashamedly too. But don't stay in a middle, neutral area. It doesn't work even if the performers are talented.
- The four women directors presenting the New Director Award (in the same way last year Oscars in the acting categories). It works if you praise the contenders, if you're just summarizing the movies in one line, it doesn't. Especially if the presenters find it hard to read the teleprompter.
- The anonymous woman chosen from the audience (by sending text to the show, reality TV style) to give an award. They were lucky the woman was spontaneous and so, somehow funny.
- The interaction cartoon/real person always feels awkward. And I didn't get why the jokes on the "lottery dog". They had nothing to do with... nothing.

On the other hand, the best moments of the show for me were:

- The clip at the beginning with the host and the cameos from most actors.
- The host himself. It works better with a TV host than with most actors/comedians that have tried it.
- The speech from Alex de la Iglesia as the chairman.
- The bit with the previous host Rosa Mª Sardá, who's still the best host I can remember.
- And the final surprise with Pedro Almodóvar.

Unknown said...

I think that Agora is better than Broken Embraces.
I haven't seen Yo tambien, but Lola Dueñas did a great perfomance in Mar Adentro and volver.

Unknown said...

Iggy, I quite agree with everything you found embarrasing about the show. I'd like to add the Guillén family reunion which was pointless and not funny at all.
BTW the gag with the dog did have a point since ONCE was the show sponsor and it's their mascot.
The best part for me was Almodóvar appareance, so unexpected and thrilling!

Peggy Sue said...

Oh Nathaniel! You would love Lola Dueñas in Yo, también...