Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Curio: Mia Farrow in 1974

Alexa from Pop Elegantiarum here with another film curio. Since Mia Farrow turns 65 today, I thought I'd feature one of my prized pop culture possessions: the debut issue of People magazine, featuring on its cover a resplendent Mia as Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby.

Since witnessing her innocent glee in an a-line dress in the opening scenes of Rosemary's Baby (my favorite film), I've had a special love for Mia Farrow. And while Gatsby is certainly not the best of her films, her translucent quality fit Daisy Buchanan well. As Pauline Kael said, "she has refinement in her bones."

The issue features some observations from Scottie Fitzgerald, F. Scott Fitzgerald's daughter, who visited the Gatsby set. She had this to say about Mia:

"When I first saw Mia Farrow on the set I thought she was ravishing, just breathtaking. The New England summer sun was hitting her face under this lilac chiffon hat and she looked just like my father's Daisy Buchanan should look."

Something else in Mia's performances stands out to me, more so than her particular beauty, and especially in her work with Woody: a sort of motherly eccentricity that I find endearing, and totally unique. Happy birthday Mia!


Criticlasm said...

Here's the wild thing about Gatsby that a professor pointed out to me: Daisy is a brunette, and Jordan is a blonde, but when you ask anyone after they've read the book even (it had to be pointed out to me), they think Daisy's a blonde.

I still have to check it out again, but I thought it was cool when I heard it.

I love the DVD extras of Rosemary's Baby - Mia was such a hippie it's kind of extraordinary that she ended up playing neurotics in all those Woody Allen films.


your favorite film is ROSEMARY'S BABY???? isn't that JA's favorite film too?! How did i end up with two guest columnists with the same favorite film.

[insert eery devilbabydaddy music here]

but i love that film too.

Alexa said...

Indeed I believe it is JA's fave too! It is such a personal thing for me; it's the first film I saw that made me realize I loved film. And Rosemary and Guy looked so much like my parents at that age, it completely messed with my mind.

Lucky said...

I just finished watching Hannah and Her Sisters for the first time a couple of hours ago. And I do agree she's beautiful, but the adjetive that fits her the best I think is sweet. Really, she's adorable. When I think of her I think of The Purple Rose of Cairo and how cute she was in that and how no actress has quite that infectuous quality nowadays.


Criticlasm... that is crazy. I too thought Daisy was a blonde and it's literally my favorite novel.

Y Kant Goran Rite said...

I was sure Daisy was a blonde too. And if Gatsby isn't quite my favourite novel anymore, for a solid decade it certainly was.

Also, for a good while Mia Farrow was my favourite actress. And on the days I watch a Woody Allen movie (which is often), she still is. Happy birthday to her. Hope she's offered a non-humiliating role some day soon.

Marcy said...

That's an awesome possession. I have several issues of Look magazine in the garage, but nowhere as cool.

I've always thought Daisy was a blonde too. I thought Mia Farrow certainly looked the role, but she didn't deliver a good performance. That film was a bit of a mess.

Unknown said...

did you see this month's Advocate? they have Portia de Rossi in a pose inspired by this cover!

Alexa said...

OOH That Advocate cover is awesome!

Big pic here: