Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Get Off My Link

Goatdog a top ten list. But not the kind you usually get. Top ten rentals. I love this list
Word Smoker a sharp 'five second review' of Let the Right One In
In Contention the makeup finalists for Oscar. I think this is the first year where they can't embarrass themselves with their final nominees. These are all good choices.
The Flick Filosopher "the merely very good movies of 2008"
Cinema Styles talks about the Supporting and Lead categorizations and what they mean in terms of Protagonist/Antagonist. Interesting stuff and not as strident as I get ;)

Stop Smiling looks back at their year of film reviewing
Welcome to LA the joy in revisiting Bonnie & Clyde. Mmmmmm, Bonnie & Clyde.
NY Post Josh Brolin at the NYFCC awards... drunk
Antagony on the OFCS nominations
The Hot Blog Poland's top ten (with a fun hat tip to Mamma Mia! -- no, really)
Lazy Eye Theater the 20 Actress meme continues... only this time with redheads
ModFab geeks out over the forthcoming Caprica series (Battlestar Galactica prequel of sorts)


Anonymous said...

1) Interesting guy that Tim Brayton. I like his writing.

2) The actresses who are nominated are the exact Berardinelli choices he published a while ago (except that he prefers the The Reader perf from Winslet).
I guess they thought nomination spots are too valuable to be wasted for performances like Jolie's. I'm happy for Williams. I'm so mean and I haven't even see Changeling. :p


Michael Parsons said...

Just in case you wanted a change for 09


is that a hint?

Casey Fiore said...

Brolin really went all out huh? yeesh

PIPER said...

I like them redheads.

Tilda almost made the list. Almost.

Thanks Nat.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Re: Makeup. I have to cry foul on Benjamin Button. Quoting my brother, lying down across four seats as the movie hit its eighth hour: "Why is she 105 and her daughter is 35?" Fair question. Especially when your whole movie is about aging. GET IT RIGHT. Definitely a Most Makeup but not a Best Makeup for me.

Love the inclusion of The Wrestler, though.

Anonymous said...

Re: protagonist/antagonist and The Dark Knight - I think that the protagonist of that movie is actually Harvey Dent, not the Joker. For me, it is Dent's story which is told; not Batman's or the Joker's. Nonetheless, I think that there is an interesting triumvirate between this three characters (as if they were facets of the same person).


suburbanidealist said...

What do you think of this?